Monsters in Our Land

My current right as an American is to be able to voice my opinion. Have free speech. So I am doing so about Monsters in our land.

I understand that my song “Monsters” is novel, or even Organic in nature. I lack any musical training. Though I have a strong message to deliver and wanted to gain more attention to it. Many have recognized it to be a slave song which I will grant you. There are many slaves not only what we consider slaves to be in America. We also have the Jewish’s who have suffered as slaves and so many other countries and nationalities that suffer slavery or bondage to some form of leadership all across our world. My fear is we may suffer the same kind of slavery as a nation if we do not wake up and change the downhill path we are on.

Monsters, monsters in our land, soundtrack, daryl urig

Doubling our debt in Obama’s reign has only made us more vulnerable to financial collapse. We definitely need better accounting here.

So the song “Monsters” sings out from the soul, off key and off tempo, though somehow resonating in our soul as a real person. A tune we want to fix and at the same time find ourselves humming.

What caught my attention in the media was Hillary stating to a group, “That is not who we are”. Then a few weeks later President Obama says the same thing, “That is not who we are”. Is who we are some how changed? The song begs the question, Who are we. Or who are we now? I am not sure if we are quickly changing as a country or what we are changing into not having been given notice. Though it is apparent we are changing into something else. Possibly loosing granted rights as citizens of the United States.

I question in the song who is our boss, the corporations? The food we eat altered to what some may consider a poisonous state, causing many health issues and concerns. Why is this happening? Who is in control of our food? What we eat each day to survive.

I can have my emails searched by foreign countries. Can they not also buy food companies here in America and slowly poison us? Not to seem paranoid but walking carefully forward. I know it is far fetched, but we have gotten on the money train as a country and need to be more careful with our choices before we take money from anyone. Politicians have always wanted to take our money away, so that is nothing new.

What are we loosing? The song begs that we wake up. Take ownership of our country again. There are Monsters and hidden faces in our land. I have no idea who they are and how they are effecting me. We know they are here. We even have attacks happening within our country everyday. Random shootings and groups killing civilians in a McDonald’s and many other locations. We can’t just think it is happening to others and won’t affect us any longer. Our Police are shot at and killed. Where is respect? Where is order? Where is safety? We are a people, a group of wonderful individuals.

The fictitious characters Billy and Hilly in the song are in a tree, safe, but they sold out America. These characters somehow had considerable financial gain.

We have seen countless times where are leaders have made alliances with foreign countries to back their campaigns, for instance the Clintons. What is their agenda? What do they gain and what do we loose?

I cannot imagine how bad off we will be then. Loosing so much so we fit into the new us. The new this is who we are now. If we do not wake up we will all be slaves in our own country, shackled and bound to the new homogenized global community that awaits us. I cannot imagine that everyone’s perspective and beliefs are going to mesh. It would be foolish to think so.

“Monsters” Sound Track

monsters, monsters in our land, pareidolia
Food Eat, 48 in. x 48 in., oil on panel



Once only in a horror movie have become a natural occurrence in our land. Monsters and hidden faces, all behind what I thought was meant to do me good. No longer. The criteria and objectives of those with power are quickly taking so much from us. Politicians, GMO’s in our food, Corporations and groups becoming our voice verses us having our own individual voice. This video though organic in execution has a powerful message for all. Calling for us to wake and see what is going on around us in our country, then ask for quality change.

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Please listen, watch and share with those you feel are longing for good change, before it is too late.

Monsters: Food-Eat, 4 feet x 4 feet, oil on panel

I colored outside the lines on this Music Video my friends. Maybe one of you can help me crystalize the message even further.

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Painting Stolen from Cincinnati Artist Museum

For Immediate Release

Painting stolen from The Paintings of Daryl Urig, Creative Underground Studio and Gallery last Thursday afternoon,

June 23, 2016 between 11:45 am and 12:45 pm. a 14 x 11 inch oil painting titled “Old House” painted in October of 2009 was removed from the gallery walls. Police are following leads to bring this painting back to the gallery. Urig would like the painting back to complete his collection and has promised not to press charges when returned.

Old House, 14 x 11 inch, oil on panel

The Gallery is rethinking its open door approach to visitors that has provided the local and abroad areas with the opportunity to see a working artist studio, collection of paintings by the artist Daryl Urig, oil painting instruction, workshops and broadcast studio where Urig interviews national oil painters on the art of painting.

Urig is considering a more closed and secure approach of turning the Gallery into a Private Museum and Working Studio of The Paintings of Daryl Urig while limiting hours to appointment only with admission to cut down on unsolicited traffic. Located at 430 Ray Norrish Drive, Cincinnati Ohio, close to Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield Ohio. Please direct calls to 513-708-7981 if you have information regarding this missing painting.

Stand for something, or stand for nothing at all. Food-Eat Pareidolia


monsters, pareidolia, food industry, food, eat
Urig Standing next to Food-Eat, 4 feet x 4 feet, oil on panel

Stand for something, or stand for nothing at all. I see a lot of injustices in our world. This painting, Food – Eat is part of my Pareidolia series of oil paintings. I want to bring attention to what the food industry has been serving up to us for years. Hurting us all with GMO’s, chemicals, drugs, GMO’s, fast food, food without nutrition and food that they don’t have to tell us where it came from, all to make a buck.

Yes we are partly to blame. We keep eating it. If we keep accepting garbage, they will keep serving it to us. While charging us nicely. I have personally gotten myself very sick from many foods meant to do me well that have been hurting my health.

As in real life, there are many faces we do not see that our behind these injustices. As there are many hidden faces, beasts and monsters in my painting with a nice piece of cake. Come eat.

Let’s stand together and contribute to a world we can all enjoy and leave as a legacy to our children’s children.



Man and the Sea, Pareidolia Painting

Man and the Sea, 30 x 24 in., mixed media & oil on panel

There is so much coming at us each day. When you look do really see what is before you or just what you want to see. What you think is there and move on. I am hoping my Pareidolia Paintings help you to understand that there is much much more than we initially observe. Look deeper and allow your mind to assemble many hidden images, large and small.

A trip to the sea may be pleasant or unravel all of your hidden fears and horror to find your heart pounding, mind racing while feeling all alone. It is only you who can change your fate. Maneuver your destiny or at least give it a better shot. If you’re just following along you will be lost, even left behind. Stop just existing. Do something.



Religion, 24 x 30 in., oil on panel

This post is to be included with my series on Pareidolia Paintings. This painting again reflects on the state of religion in our country and possibly world wide. As the previous paintings in this series brought attention to other disguises in our country labeled; The Corporate World, Pharmaceutical, The Food Industry, and the Arts.

If I were Joni Mitchell I would want to sing out about the injustices we face daily, though they are hidden faces we face. Fighting against what we cannot see.

Pareidolia painting series incorporates perceived images that do not exist along with others that we normally observe. Like seeing a face in a cloud. Both the cloud and the face are recognized. Pharmaceutical, Corporate and Food all sound fine by them self but under closer scrutiny may have some hidden agendas or monsters lurking that may hurt us all.

Pharmaceutical, 30 x 24 in., oil on panel
Food Industry, 30 x 24 in., oil on panel
Corporate World, 30 x 24 in., oil on panel
The Arts, 30 x 24 in., oil on panel

Let us all get back into the act of living by developing our culture

I hear more about things, things, and more things. Let us all try to enrich our life, culture and those around us with good conversations. Think for our self. Believe in something. Do something selfless. Honor the law of doing good. Develop rich family customs that bring with them good memories. Learn to appreciate art. Choose habits that others would be delighted to follow. Leave something positive for the next generation. Let us all get back into the act of living. Then see the great outcome this has on our society.

The Arts - Culture, 30 x 24 inches, oil on panel
The Arts – Culture, 30 x 24 inches, oil on panel – Pareidolia

Pareidolia Painting Series

Self Portrait, Pareidolia Painting
Self Portrait, 24 x 30 inches, M. Graham oil paints on panel, $4300

Is it Pareidolia?

We walk into a dimly lit room and see a figure staring back at us, Pareidolia. Startled we recognize it is only a coat peculiarly lying on a chair. What was that? What just happened?

Could it be our minds playing with us? A mind that quickly assembles and recognizes face-like image where there is none. It may not be our imagination but part of our early survival instincts software that has aided us in recognizing other living forms. Could this be heightened in some humans more than others? Do some find it disturbing? Or do we all have it? Is it cool when we recognize it? Then quickly want to share with others.

Pareidolia painting incorporates perceived images that do not exist. Like seeing a face in a cloud. A Pareidolia experience is where you may perceive an image of animals, faces or objects in cloud formations, a knotty piece of wood, a marbled tile, stains, inkblots and other forms.

Corporate, Pareidolia Painting
Corporate, 30 x 24 inches, M. Graham oil paints on panel, $4300

Leonardo da Vinci explained in his notebook that it was a device for painters to explore. Where we can see an infinite number of things that can be reduced into separate and well-conceived forms.

Eat, Pareidolia Painting
Eat, 30 x 24 inches, M. Graham oil paints on panel, $4300

I enjoy drawing from my mind. Demonstrating where the perceived and conceived collide. Painting a depiction of two parallel universes. One being a visual reality of what I think is before us combined with the second filled with perceptions, reflections, and experiences in the mind.

The Arts, Pareidolia Painting
The Arts, 30 x 24 inches, M. Graham oil paints on panel, $4300

Please visit my Gallery, The Creative Underground and enjoy viewing my demonstrations of a “Pareidolia Experience” Exhibition.

Pharmaceutical, Pareidolia Painting
Pharmaceutical, 30 x 24 inches, M. Graham oil paints on panel, $4300
Hidden Faces, Pareidolia Painting
Hidden Faces, 24 x 18 inches, M. Graham oil paints on panel, $2600


Dan McCaw shares his personal adventure about fine arts oil painting with Daryl Urig of the Creative Underground in an interview on February 15, 2016.

I hope you enjoy the video interview with Dan McCaw as I have.

I have enjoyed getting to know a fantastic oil painter that I admire. His philosophy on life and painting will make you search deeper when starting your next painting or refreshing an old painting. We will be able to take a painting to a new level making it more enjoyable. Not having to take the same path each time you approach the canvas. We will be opening a new chapter in the book of fine arts oil painters.

See other artist interviews here:

Do you have a look-alike?

I have heard it called a look-alike, twin stranger and also a face double. I have seen mine. When I lived out East I was visiting an artist representative husband and wife team in New York City. I entered their Brownstone home office and both of their mouths dropped open. She exclaimed, “You look exactly like our son”. I found this amazing and even hard to believe. They kept staring at my face. We sat down and talked. Then their look-alike son came home and they introduced him. We both stared at our resemblance to each other in disbelief then laughed. I understand and do believe it is possible. I have witnessed it myself. Somewhere out in the world it is possible there is another person who looks just like you. Another you.

twin stranger
A look-alike portrait painting of a woman living over 2,000 miles away

It never occurred to me that it could happen with a portrait painting. A portrait painted of one person would be purchased by their double. What a coincidence, what are the chances of this happening? A twin stranger portrait painting, could this exist? A painting completed of a Cincinnati, Ohio woman, look like a woman in American Canyon, in the Napa Valley Region of California.  Yes it can.

The twin stranger portrait painting was not just a double; it was much, much more. Some how it captured a very intriguing resemblance. Not only a look alike face of the individual, but all of the quirky gestures of the body as well. The way she carried herself, look, smile, essence, hat, down to the surrounding scene it was painted in. The painting was a time capsule snapshot of the woman 2,309 miles away. A perfect match to how she looked six years prior. How can this be?

When she saw the painting in my Internet Gallery on my website, she new she had to have it. I agreed this painting seemed to be painted for her. She plans to leave the portrait of herself to her children after her death. All of her family was gone and historically have a tendency to die young. She was now in her forties, the time when most of her family moves on. She had no confidence in how much time she had left. Additionally she had just gone through an ugly divorce. It was a very emotional time for Tina.

This is one of Tina’s look-alike excerpts from a Facebook message:

“Looking at your portrait of “me”…in the garden…with my ever present hat and ponytail…fluffing to the side like in the pic…no makeup etc. and I SEE me! I’m the only one I know who dresses like that. The skirt at work in the nursery and the garden! My friends chide me about it! Okay…I’m sorry, how many different ways can I tell you the same thing?? ?lol.

…my journey here is full of even more blessings (smile emoticon) like this weird painting! Ha! What are the odds? Not just similar in looks but capturing exactly the looks and essence of me. Thanks Again Daryl. You have really done a wonderful thing for us!”

When the carefully packed painting finally arrived in California this was Tina’s response on Facebook:

“It’s everything I thought it would be and more. It’s not just the face; it’s everything in the picture…from her pose, like I hate my pictures, so I would want to be painted like that…the picket fence… It’s very emotional for me. Thank you. Someday I’m going pose with the painting and take a photo and send it to you. I am going to proudly hang the painting above the mantle.”

Then something unexpected happened for Tina:

“Wait, I just saw the back of the painting…you painted this in January 2009?
It’s just my mom, and step-grandpa died on January 30, 2009.

Daryl, I have a feeling I will be “checking in” a number of times before our lives are done! I just can’t express to you the impact that this painting is having on me, and my family.

The other day Russell, my firstborn, 22, came by for the first time since it arrived. He had seen the pictures of it but was unprepared for the impact it had on him. He looked at it for a while, got a little emotional, kept saying “but, how can this be?” “Everything, mom is you. That’s your hat you still wear, I’m pretty sure you have that top and skirt…and the fence is like at the Napa house??” How can this not be you?

He also said how glad he is I got it, that it was meant to be…people don’t just find perfect portraits of themselves on the internet every day. For me, I haven’t really begun to explore what it means to me.

Finally, I just can’t stress enough that I could not have commissioned a better total representation of ME.

I’ve never carried around a painting before. This thought has led me to look into the relationship one develops, or can develop with a painting.”

I cannot put in words:

“I could not be happier for Tina; in so many ways I could not even put it in words. This painting has outdone the authoring painter. A life for a painting I could not have ever invented or imagined. I am in awe.”

So who was the model for the painting Tina has asked me?

I painted a series of paintings called “Woman in the Garden”. My wife Robyn graciously offered to model for the series. She is the same age as Tina and could possibly be her identical twin. Who knows?

See the complete painting series “Woman in the Garden”, please click now.

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