Many people have asked me, “Why a National Tour?”

My top four reasons are that I love painting, teaching, people and traveling.

Years ago I read a Biography of Thomas Hart Benton. I was so impressed with his road trips and how he would be inspired by the American people to do these magnificent figurative paintings.

I have always been absorbed with painting the figure. I could just mall watch people for hours they are so fascinating.

Traveling can be so eye opening. You get to see new things that truly move you. At the same time you see that artists are not all that much different from one another. When I come back home I appreciate what I have and sometimes see more than I saw before. You can miss things in your surroundings by being too familiar.

When I teach, I don’t hold anything back, and always get back more than I ever am able to give.

It is not for money. I did it for the love of the four things I before mentioned. We only get one shot at life. I don’t want to waste a single minute of it.

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