Time to find some new hobbies to manage your time positively.

Love painting, but have had this guitar for about 25 plus years and sound like El Cabong

Not appealing to the ears. I have been seeking help, friends, YouTube, only to find they are well over my head, and then It happened.

Lauren Bateman on
YouTube  https://youtu.be/TPP8Sioqpt4
and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603434229676207/

Here four basic chords got me started, then back to her first 5-minute instruction, going through each class now. Wow, the progress I am making with her slow, drip-by-drip instructions, I am getting so much out of this. My dog can not believe his furry ears.

Lauren Bateman makes me feel like I can do it.

Overcoming obstacles, and learning new things

My new friend, Lauren Bateman, thank you so much!What new hobby will you find to manage your time and self improve? Join me here if you like, DJ Urig

Update March 29th, 2020
Learning new things has a slight pain associated with it, but it is worth it.
Finding a guitar playing a lot like yoga. When I first started yoga, my body would not move in the way they advised me to move. Some of the muscle groups I did not know they could even move. With guitar, the fingers never moved as they are needed to form a chord. So you have to teach your fingers new ideas. Spider exercises, or moving on the finger to top string, next to bottom, next top finally 4th finger to bottom. Then reverse the top fingers to bottom and bottom to top. Like a yoga stretch or burn it hurts. Next, the strength is just not there, so more exercising, more pain. Educating my left hand. Hopefully, it is quick learner.

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