An eye opening experience – Ohio

Coming home from my National Tour and being able to paint plein air in the countryside of Harrison, Ohio has been an eye opening experience. Not sure if it was because of traveling and seeing all the different color pallets that happen around the country since lighting, placement to sun and atmosphere are different that I am better interpreting what I see at home by comparison. Or if my artistic eyes are growing more aware, finally, thank God!   Color can be fun. You go for what is representational, and then you can push it in a slightly adjusted color direction. More Chroma, less Chroma, lighter, darker, warmer, or cooler, you get the idea. So getting the feel of the light on this brightly colored grass against this much darker blue sky, than I ever imagined previously was enjoyable for me. For me personally, the field studies need to be captured in an hours’ time so get the correct feeling of light. After this it changes too much for me. I go for color over detail and choose to merge areas into color fields to create or capture depth. I could go back the next day at the same time, but so much changes for me like  feelings, weather and or things to do, so it does not seem to mesh for me.   The joy of light and this time of year in Ohio is a great feeling for me. Barns reminisce to my upbringing in Avon Lake Ohio, on Lake Erie where many old farms existed. My parents, Quinten (known as either Tinny or Ken, he never had the heart to tell them his name was not Ken at East Ohio Gas Company where he worked) and my mother Pearl Homer where from Avon Ohio, an even more rustic barn saturated scene at the time of my upbringing. My father would always say look at that barn when we drove by one. Not sure if he loved barns that much or was trying to get me to stop doing something else that may have been bothering him. I like to think he enjoyed that farm, having being raised on one.   Purchase paintings here Information on Workshops & Locations © 2012 Daryl Urig

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