On The Road

On The Road, is a series of 14, 2-foot x 4-foot paintings I created intentionally in a rough monochromatic paint to dramatize feelings of driving on the road. The series builds from not being able to hardly see on a rainy day to the last painting of bright lights of enlightenment.

My New Website has lots more paintings

Please see DarylUrig.com and let me know your thoughts. When painting I enjoy the rich color and texture of the painting knife contrasting the hard to soft edges of the paintbrush. I love experimenting with different expressions of the natural paint medium. A common drip, dry brush marks to the fluid lush marks of a painting […]


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Woman in the Blue Dress

She parted her beautiful red hair on one side, then easily pined it above. An astute young lady in a blue dress headed towards town one day. Her destiny does await.

Switch operator in locomotive steam

Steam engines and the people who work around the trains have always fascinated me. this young switchman is lost in the steam next to the train. prints available here https://darylurig.pictorem.com

Heart Healthy Sex Life

Like kids, we still do not like someone telling us what to do. We are not even sure doing healthy acts will work for us. I understand. This book is intended to make being healthier fun, your choice for life, enjoyable, even pleasurable as you develop a passion for healthy living. You could even say, […]

My Western Life

From my experiences and thoughts over the last few months in Arizona, I have painted scenes from the American West. Something I have always wanted to do. High-Quality Prints are showcased in home settings so you may see how they may be used. In an office, large hallway, den, living room to a man cave. […]

A Western Look

These paintings express my feelings about the west. From what I see, to what I have experienced and what I grew up with as a western TV show or movie. The expression is probably subconscious thoughts that are going on in my present life. There is always something going on in our personal life. Now […]

The Journey

Symbolism A lot of people tell me that they enjoy the symbolism I use in my paintings. This painting is almost all symbolism. It is about our journey in life, thus called “The Journey”. What a boring life it would be if all of our lives where the same, preplanned or mapped out. For me […]

Artist in the canvas

When I stated my rough sketch before painting this painting I noticed my shadow on the steps and thought it may be a good thing to keep in the painting, my shadow. This is where the title of the painting comes from.