Daryl Urig’s 31 Days, 31 Paintings, Online May Auction.

American Artist Daryl Urig is having a 31 day painting event in May 2009. He will paint a painting a day for 31 days then auction them off at http://darylurig.com/ Starts May 1st and runs through June 15th 2009. Collectors and paintings enthusiasts are encouraged to have fun and bid on his paintings. It is […]

Paint a Portrait from a Photo or Life? What is the best rule?

As an artist, you hear a lot about this quandary. Both approaches have supporters, but like most things in a subjective field, neither proves to be a clear winner. It irks me when people say one approach is better than the other, or that one makes you a true artist. The real truth is: you can learn […]

A Tip from a Painter on Overcoming a Creative Block

I’ve heard other painters discuss a creative block. The thought of this terrifies me. Luckily, in 30 years of painting and designing, I cannot remember this happening. I am constantly thinking of my next image. Life bombards everyone with stimuli, but an artist must filter it in order to come up with their next visual. Some […]