Fine Art Can Be A Fine Investment

I have always been an investor, investing in Fine Arts Oil Painting for the long-term gain of value and the expression of life. My oil paintings are my legacy. All will be worth much more after my death. But those with an eye for the upcoming artist, a great value right now.

What if I could hypothetically say a painting of mine today listed at $10,000 could be worth $250,000 in a short while, to gain $1.2 million in a forthcoming auction? Could you say you had an eye for talent and make the purchase today? Or would you rather kick yourself for not trusting your heart and intuition and moving forward investing a little for great gain? It is up to you.

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Mommy, Do you Love Me?(Scary Mommy)

Mommy, Do You Love Me? Oil on panel, 3 x 5 feet

This painting painted itself. It had a mind all it’s own. Title: ” Mommy, Do you love me?”. To all the women and little girls who were raised with an abusive mommy. All they ever wanted was a small amount of positive attention and assurance of their mothers love. The dark environment represents the eminent doom around them of unacceptance. The bright flowers are the child’s spirit reaching out in hope of love.

Since my original post, I have done a little more reading and see that this abuse can be called “Scary Mommy”.  This just breaks my heart.
My Mother struggled with and mentally abusive Mother. Life is hard enough and to be shackled with this too is a lot for anyone to overcome. My Mother is one of the strongest women I know. At age 90 she still can put the rest of us to shame. Go, Mom, never let anything stop you from becoming all you can be. I learn so much from you every day. Your loving son.
If you did not have to deal with this growing up be thankful. It is one more thing you can be thankful for today.
Her parents owned and operated a greenhouse. She still loves gardening to this day. Gardening with exuberance. She had a very loving father.

More meditative thoughts in fine arts oil painting

Crazy painting day for me today, second painting today. I have been germinating this idea in my head for a while during prayer and meditation. Remember Moses and the sign of healing on his staff or the sign for medicine? Healing power, 18 x 28 in, oil on panel. I learned a lot painting this painting. Painting imagery out of mind without over-elaborating or providing more definition than envisioned or more of an impression. The looseness that it was painted has opened up many more ideas for painting exploration.

Healing Power, 18 x 24 in.
Healing Power, 18 x 24 in.





“Flying Dreamer” painting, highlighted in Apil/May 2018, International Artist Magazine, paint what you see, don’t fill in the blanks, my impressions are fragmented at best. It is not like seeing a photo where everything is there in detail and relationship to each other.

Flying Dreamer, 48 x 24 in
Flying Dreamer, 48 x 24 in

Being part of the universal fabric, 30 x 24 in. Oil on panel. When we allow God to include us with his divine plan we become part of the universal fabric that weaves beyond all space, dimensions and time. More than our mind can comprehend.

Universal Fabric, 30 x 24 in.
Universal Fabric, 30 x 24 in.









It has always been my intention when painting to not only paint the physical. I desire to include the spiritual or other nonvisual dimensions of life. For instance, think about all of the emotions you feel in one day. What would that look like? Now think about the spiritual dimension, what will that look like? Challenging. It is more like a life force flowing from the invisible to the visible all at once. Like the breath of life flowing through the atoms of your body.

Presence in the arising staircase, 2 ft x 4 ft.

2 ft. x 4 ft.
2 ft. x 4 ft.

One thing I enjoyed about this image or photo I shot while staying at T.C. Steele Boyhood home in Waveland Indiana with my wife Robyn, was the novel angles on this old staircase that rose to the upstairs. Then I began to think about how to enhance this view by darkening everything and have this light source coming from the bottom of the stairs by the open door as well as subtle lighting at the top of the staircase. I wanted some very dark shadows, that had this murky charcoal look, wood very beat up by its’ occupants and aged by use. A very rustic drawing seemed right to me to enhance this. I am using M. Graham Oil Paints, made with Walnut Oil, that I allowed to be very juicy, so the painting would have these spider vein drips I enjoy. It was like the painting was painting itself as the veins appeared. Some may be painted out and some left in as the painting dictated.

The idea of stairs, going someplace, either up or down fascinates me. I remember the song, “Stairway to Heaven”, always loved that song. Then having a figure seems to add something real to any painting, otherwise, it can be just things. The figure gives a painting an immediate focus. There is life in a figure or figure representation that the viewer needs to make some kind of restitution with. It helps the viewer to look at himself or herself possibly a little more objectively.

One thing I fight within a painting is that it is dark enough to show the brightness of the lights. I get my values off, I think I am dark enough and I am not, so I need to make definite decisions from the get-go of the painting. To grow and improve, and avoid pitfalls as a painter, I must be honest with myself. Know what areas of my knowledge is lacking and what I should put mental energy towards developing. The value study as a base is a very good move for me personally with this painting. Helping to define lights, darks, mid-tones etcetera. Figuring out where my hard and soft edges, lost edges in the painting will be. Going back and forth through the painting till it has the overall correct balance within the painting.

Each painting has a different plan of attack. I do think there is just one way to go about a painting, nor would I want or enjoy a painting that I had to do the same thing repeatedly hoping for different results. Is that not Edison’s definition of insanity? Maddening, that would be horrible. There are different criteria in every painting. I need to have fun and explore with each new painting I begin.

My idea going forward is that this foreground wood post and railing will be a very strongest focus, be the most dramatic, depicting the hand-worn aging over time. The strength of this post that has lasted years of young boys racing down a staircase, holding tightly as they swung around the corner. Secondly will be where the figure is coming through this door. Though the figure will need to be softer to contrast the sharpness of the post, creating great visual space between them both.

When you do a rough drawing like I did with this painting, it allows you to be freer with where you lay your paint or color. It is not like cutting a piece of wood where you decide to follow the line or cut to leave the line or cut the line away. You instead make your mark where you determine at that point in time is the best point to make it as the painting evolves. One thing I try to avoid is doing things I hate, and coloring inside of the line is one of those limiting things. Coloring books frustrated and annoyed me as a first grader at Catholic School. Maybe that is why my mother moved me out in second grade. Not sure. She told me it was because they complained about how bad my letters were, though the next school praised my neat letters. Today rougher seems to suit me better than smooth and tight. I guess I want the observer to see that a human being that breathed air, felt pain, had a real life was there before the painting at one point in time painting, moving his hand over the painting making marks. If they can feel that, I won.

In this painting, I wanted to make the mark making very evident. At every point I wanted each mark to be different as possible, but together like a great orchestra all pull together to make its’ statement. Some paint was laid in with a knife, a brush, scraped, sanded and many other tools. Some scumbled, dry brushed, glazed, drawn whatever suite the painting that craved it. Color was used sometimes minimally and other times like the orange right side, very boldly. Warm and cool colors were considered to help define a push and pull of space, while the sanding scratches unified the painting while building a thick veil of air inside the arising staircase.

I am thinking about calling this painting the presence. I have stayed at a few painters homes or studios were they once lived, now gone from this visual dimension hopefuly to the next. It is like some part of them has been left behind. Or maybe the things in the home or studio are the things that most impressed them and showed up in their painting. Maybe T. C. Steele’s mother, that you do not hear much about. Even the Israelites brought back Joseph’s bones from Egypt to the promised land because there was a significance to them, or it was part of him, maybe residue power? There is much we do not understand. It is okay to say, we do not understand, or not as of yet, I do not. Then seek to figure it out.

I enjoy learning and want to continue in a state of learning as long as the God’s breath resides in my spirit.


Title: Monsters: President Obama gave 400 million dollars, in cash, to Iran. It is believed that ISIS will use a portion.

Title: Monsters: Obama gave 400 million dollars, in cash, to Iran. It is believed that ISIS will use a portion. 24 in. w x 30 in. h, oil on panel

Please listen to my new Music Video: Monsters

Iran $400,000,000

Monsters in our land
Clinton play to pay is illegal. See her emails.




Monsters in Our Land

My current right as an American is to be able to voice my opinion. Have free speech. So I am doing so about Monsters in our land.

I understand that my song “Monsters” is novel, or even Organic in nature. I lack any musical training. Though I have a strong message to deliver and wanted to gain more attention to it. Many have recognized it to be a slave song which I will grant you. There are many slaves not only what we consider slaves to be in America. We also have the Jewish’s who have suffered as slaves and so many other countries and nationalities that suffer slavery or bondage to some form of leadership all across our world. My fear is we may suffer the same kind of slavery as a nation if we do not wake up and change the downhill path we are on.

Monsters, monsters in our land, soundtrack, daryl urig

Doubling our debt in Obama’s reign has only made us more vulnerable to financial collapse. We definitely need better accounting here.

So the song “Monsters” sings out from the soul, off key and off tempo, though somehow resonating in our soul as a real person. A tune we want to fix and at the same time find ourselves humming.

What caught my attention in the media was Hillary stating to a group, “That is not who we are”. Then a few weeks later President Obama says the same thing, “That is not who we are”. Is who we are some how changed? The song begs the question, Who are we. Or who are we now? I am not sure if we are quickly changing as a country or what we are changing into not having been given notice. Though it is apparent we are changing into something else. Possibly loosing granted rights as citizens of the United States.

I question in the song who is our boss, the corporations? The food we eat altered to what some may consider a poisonous state, causing many health issues and concerns. Why is this happening? Who is in control of our food? What we eat each day to survive.

I can have my emails searched by foreign countries. Can they not also buy food companies here in America and slowly poison us? Not to seem paranoid but walking carefully forward. I know it is far fetched, but we have gotten on the money train as a country and need to be more careful with our choices before we take money from anyone. Politicians have always wanted to take our money away, so that is nothing new.

What are we loosing? The song begs that we wake up. Take ownership of our country again. There are Monsters and hidden faces in our land. I have no idea who they are and how they are effecting me. We know they are here. We even have attacks happening within our country everyday. Random shootings and groups killing civilians in a McDonald’s and many other locations. We can’t just think it is happening to others and won’t affect us any longer. Our Police are shot at and killed. Where is respect? Where is order? Where is safety? We are a people, a group of wonderful individuals.

The fictitious characters Billy and Hilly in the song are in a tree, safe, but they sold out America. These characters somehow had considerable financial gain.

We have seen countless times where are leaders have made alliances with foreign countries to back their campaigns, for instance the Clintons. What is their agenda? What do they gain and what do we loose?

I cannot imagine how bad off we will be then. Loosing so much so we fit into the new us. The new this is who we are now. If we do not wake up we will all be slaves in our own country, shackled and bound to the new homogenized global community that awaits us. I cannot imagine that everyone’s perspective and beliefs are going to mesh. It would be foolish to think so.

“Monsters” Sound Track

monsters, monsters in our land, pareidolia
Food Eat, 48 in. x 48 in., oil on panel



Once only in a horror movie have become a natural occurrence in our land. Monsters and hidden faces, all behind what I thought was meant to do me good. No longer. The criteria and objectives of those with power are quickly taking so much from us. Politicians, GMO’s in our food, Corporations and groups becoming our voice verses us having our own individual voice. This video though organic in execution has a powerful message for all. Calling for us to wake and see what is going on around us in our country, then ask for quality change.

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Please listen, watch and share with those you feel are longing for good change, before it is too late.

Monsters: Food-Eat, 4 feet x 4 feet, oil on panel

I colored outside the lines on this Music Video my friends. Maybe one of you can help me crystalize the message even further.

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Painting Stolen from Cincinnati Artist Museum

For Immediate Release

Painting stolen from The Paintings of Daryl Urig, Creative Underground Studio and Gallery last Thursday afternoon,

June 23, 2016 between 11:45 am and 12:45 pm. a 14 x 11 inch oil painting titled “Old House” painted in October of 2009 was removed from the gallery walls. Police are following leads to bring this painting back to the gallery. Urig would like the painting back to complete his collection and has promised not to press charges when returned.

Old House, 14 x 11 inch, oil on panel

The Gallery is rethinking its open door approach to visitors that has provided the local and abroad areas with the opportunity to see a working artist studio, collection of paintings by the artist Daryl Urig, oil painting instruction, workshops and broadcast studio where Urig interviews national oil painters on the art of painting.

Urig is considering a more closed and secure approach of turning the Gallery into a Private Museum and Working Studio of The Paintings of Daryl Urig while limiting hours to appointment only with admission to cut down on unsolicited traffic. Located at 430 Ray Norrish Drive, Cincinnati Ohio, close to Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield Ohio. Please direct calls to 513-708-7981 if you have information regarding this missing painting.

Stand for something, or stand for nothing at all. Food-Eat Pareidolia


monsters, pareidolia, food industry, food, eat
Urig Standing next to Food-Eat, 4 feet x 4 feet, oil on panel

Stand for something, or stand for nothing at all. I see a lot of injustices in our world. This painting, Food – Eat is part of my Pareidolia series of oil paintings. I want to bring attention to what the food industry has been serving up to us for years. Hurting us all with GMO’s, chemicals, drugs, GMO’s, fast food, food without nutrition and food that they don’t have to tell us where it came from, all to make a buck.

Yes we are partly to blame. We keep eating it. If we keep accepting garbage, they will keep serving it to us. While charging us nicely. I have personally gotten myself very sick from many foods meant to do me well that have been hurting my health.

As in real life, there are many faces we do not see that our behind these injustices. As there are many hidden faces, beasts and monsters in my painting with a nice piece of cake. Come eat.

Let’s stand together and contribute to a world we can all enjoy and leave as a legacy to our children’s children.



Man and the Sea, Pareidolia Painting

Man and the Sea, 30 x 24 in., mixed media & oil on panel

There is so much coming at us each day. When you look do really see what is before you or just what you want to see. What you think is there and move on. I am hoping my Pareidolia Paintings help you to understand that there is much much more than we initially observe. Look deeper and allow your mind to assemble many hidden images, large and small.

A trip to the sea may be pleasant or unravel all of your hidden fears and horror to find your heart pounding, mind racing while feeling all alone. It is only you who can change your fate. Maneuver your destiny or at least give it a better shot. If you’re just following along you will be lost, even left behind. Stop just existing. Do something.