Healthy OIl Painting, Solvent Free

In short, I use all Natural Walnut Oil to paint with and clean my brushes. I have been using M. Graham for almost 15 years and have enjoyed all the benefits as have my students. In a time when health counts even a little more, I recommend these paints.

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COVID 19: Look Up

We are part of everything in the universe

If you can take a moment to visualize with me that we are all part of our universe. The moon affects the tides, even a woman’s menstrual cycle is in line with the moon’s orbit. There is so much happening that is aligning us, or better, that we are all apart of.

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Hope in Dark Times

COVID 19 – NO OUTLET, Hope in Dark Times
Original Oil Painting: 30″ x 37″, Oil on Panel, $18,000, unframed
Prints are available. Please contact me by email.

I have some time here COVID 19 wise, so I want to give more of an explanation on this painting than I usually provide. One reason is that I hope when people observe the painting, they see what I do, or am trying to portray. Recently, I was looking at a drawing granddaughter drew and had to have it explained. What is it? Once I was told I totally got it and the drawing opened up to me. It was my back yard. Quite an amazing drawing, so much detail. I needed it explained.  Yes, felt a little silly after asking, really, my back yard? I thought maybe I can open up this painting for you by providing some explanation.

Close-ups, there a few weird reflections on mans’ face since the painting was complete today and it is still wet. I will rephotograph again later when dry.

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Time to find some new hobbies to manage your time positively.

Love painting, but have had this guitar for about 25 plus years and sound like El Cabong

Not appealing to the ears. I have been seeking help, friends, YouTube, only to find they are well over my head, and then It happened.

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