Our Journey – Getting to Know T. C. Steele

My journey this past weekend with my wife Robyn took us to these three locations where we learned more about T. C. Steele. Without any doubt T. C. Steele is one of Indiana’s best-known painters. We enjoyed learning about a talented and adventurous man with a strong will to grow his painting. Our first stop was in Waveland, Indiana. I want to thank the Tim and Meg Shelly for their vision of renovating T. C. Steele Boyhood Home and opening it up for painter retreats.

We took time to get to know the character of the home and its surrounding landscape. We saw the intense fall tree colors. One of our favorite excursions was to Turkey Run State Park about 10 miles away. There we enjoyed a unique hiking experience, walking and climbing through creek bed paths and straddling between rocks, stairs and steep ladders that would drop down to lower narrow plateaus.

Steele has a lot to tell us about living the artist life. Though I will keep it short. He sought education in painting and then taught others. He made a living by primarily painting portraits, this to support his love for outdoor painting of Indiana landscapes.

To help Steele further his art training, his friends and art patrons provide financial support for him and his family to go to Munich, Germany. There he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. From what I have seen from other painters who attended the Munich school was a similar love for greys in a painting. This movement in painting influenced Steele. Carrying it not only in his portraits but also landscape paintings.

Later Steele was called a Hoosier Impressionist painter.  Though his work had a totally different direction from the Impressionists painter Claude Monet in Paris, who created Impressionism.

T. C. Steele Boy Hood Home, Daryl and Robyn Urig

T. C. Steele's Chair painted by Daryl Urig

For our second stop we traveled to Indiana University and saw many paintings in their art gallery. My favorite figurative oil painting titled “The Boatman” was by T. C. Steele. Painted in 1884. It was painted in mostly smoky greys.

The Boatman, 1884 by T. C. Steele

To finish our weekend journey we traveled to Nashville, Indiana to see one of his many studios. This one called the House of the Singing Woods is a beautiful studio in a very primitive and remote spot high on top of a hill.  Not a practical choice for a studio where one chooses to live. There was no available water, suitable land for planting or available food for someone who does not hunt. His wife was totally unprepared. She did not know how to cook on a potbelly stove or even cook for that matter.

Steele’s choice was based solely on the artistic view. It was a beautiful, majestic home in simple remote surroundings. An environment to paint and entertain many visitors who would like to drop in and see what was going on with this unusual couple.

He was capable of teaching and supported his family with his portrait commissions. His wife later planting gardens so they would have food and flowers to include as subject matter for paintings.

It so surprised me that though they did not have all of the technology we have today he had many avenues for success. The world must not have look too big to him so he moved many times. Living in many places from Indiana to Michigan, Chicago and Germany. Possibly more.

There is so much to say about this man and his wife. To enjoy it fully you will want to visit his historic sites and take the tour in Nashville to get a glimpse of his life.

Singing Woods in Nashville Indiana, Home/Studio of T. C. Steele

Watch video of Daryl Urig and his Interview with Rachel Perry published author of “Paint and Canvas: A Life of T.C. Steele” 

Developing a Plein Air Painting – Marine Outlet, Richmond Indiana

In developing a plein air painting you have many varied options. I choose the path of developing the plein air sketch with as much passion as I could master along with being sensitive to observed color and the visual lost and found edges that disappeared into the shadow regions. The study was completed in Richmond Indiana.

Having a second attempt back in my studio, The Creative Underground, I was able to continue my path. Things I found important where to lessen any obvious drawing problems. Provide more space around the image for proper framing. Keep the gusto of the paint application similar to the study. Add a figure to provide a Marine Outlet mechanic while hosting that beautiful orange segment and texture towards the middle of the canvas.

When you enlarge a painting from 9 x 12 to 18 x 24 you can see that the texture is not as obvious in the larger final as it was in the smaller study. I could have kept this more similar by using a larger painting knife but chose instead to focus on texture detailing in the painting.

I loved the curved rusted shapes of the building and its design contrasting the old car that seemed to be parked beside the building and resting for a long time. These lost but not forgotten items once a big part of our lives seem to always catch my interest.

Then how much did I really need to say to depict this situation in the final painting? I chose to leave out absolutely as much detailed information as I could. Including only what was itself necessary in telling the story. You can see by the car and the man that so much was left out upon studying and what where the essentials to tell the story. Even a rough swoosh of paint to represent an arm and hand for the gentleman.

Marine Outlet Study on location (plein air)

Marine Outlet Study, 12 x 9, oil on panel

Save this Date on Your Calendar – September 5, 2015!

Marine Outlet Study, 9 x 12 oil on panel

I was able to see many artists this past weekend in Richmond Indiana for the IPAP, OPAS & RAM paint out. I was surprised how close Richmond is to Springdale Ohio. We had nice weather and a wonderful time painting and talking with other painters.

Many mentioned to me to count them in for the FREE EVENT, IPAP, SkyScapes & Urban Settings Paint Out. Open to all Plein Air Painters on September 5, 2014 at the Creative Underground. There is a pretty view here. I updated the flyer with the latest information including our judge since she had a family event date conflict. Miss you Mary Ann.

If you can, please Text: 513-708-7981 or Email: Contact@DarylUrig.com your full name so I may get a good idea of those participating.

I have secured inexpensive lodging for about $50 an evening. If you want to double or triple up it could be a lesser cost. So please register with the hotel early. I believe a breakfast is included.

Many great quality painting prizes to be won and awarded at the event. A Paint Safe Easel donated by Wayne Campbell we will have a drawing for from the first 25 sign-ups to appear. Including prizes from M. Graham Oil Paints, Rosemary Brushes, Plaza Art and more. Plus Plein Air games for fun and awards.

I planned group lunch for those who want to gather and interact with other painters. It will be a good social plein air experience with awards for all levels of painters to have a chance to win.

Please pass this along to any other groups you may be involved in so it may be a success.

Download Event Flyer Click Here


A follow up workshop is offered to those wanting to attend.

September 7, 8 & 9, 2015
Immersive Plein Air Experience – Workshop
Daryl Urig – At the DU Creative Underground
430 Ray Norrish Drive, Springdale(Cincinnati), OH
Cost $375
We can learn so much from painting on location in the open air. Lots of hands on demonstrations and practical explanations on the benefits of having an a plan for capturing great Plein-Air painting studies. Including creating dynamic compositions, mixing rich colors, and capturing light with lively paint. You will be amazed at the difference it will make to your paintings. Open media, demonstrations with painting knife in oil paint and pencil.

Questions? Call/Text: 513-708-7981
or Email: Contact@DarylUrig.com

I look forward to seeing you.

Daryl Urig

What is happening at the Creative Underground?

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We just finished up a three-day workshop on understanding the painting knife, based on my book, Painting Knife Explained. Starting with exercises to become familiar with the tool, description of painting products needed, priming panels, to learning to see color and painting from photos and/or sill life. This was my first workshop taught in the new studio, it what so much fun. I hope to do more in the upcoming months.

Get on the Road, 16 x 12, oil on panel

The class demo was “Get on the Road”, 12 x 16, oil on panel, demonstrating the energy of paint on the knife, color to lost and found edges while create visual space.

The next workshop is on Plein Air Painting, September 7, 8 & 9, 2015
To Sign-up Call/Text: 513-708-7981 or Email: Contact@DarylUrig.com

Don’t miss our Plein Air Event here at the Creative Underground, September 5, 2015, SkyScapes & Urban Setting Paint Out.There are many great prizes, competitions and fun to participate in and watch. Covered by our very own Creative Underground YouTube Chanel. You may be our next big star. Plus a great day to see other painters, paint, enjoy companionship and eat lunch together. Download flyer here: http://darylurig.com/images/SkyScapes-2015-flyer.pdf

Tuesday Evening, September 29, 2015, Creative Underground Gallery Exhibition opens at 6:30 pm and is open to the public. Please bring a friend. Enjoy with us great works of art, a glass of wine and select hors d’oeuvres.

Daryl Urig Receives 2015 Duveneck Award – Behringer-Crawford Museum Collection

This past weekend Daryl Urig was presented the Duveneck Award in the 46th Annual Duveneck Memorial Art Show in Covington Kentucky.  Urig’s painting, “Cincinnati View of Ohio River”, 10” x 72”, found its new home with the permanent collection of the Behringer-Crawford Museum, located at 1600 Montague Road, in Devou Park, Covington, Kentucky.

Cincinnati View of Ohio River, 10 x 72, oil on canvas

Frank Duveneck is to Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati what T. C. Steele is to Indiana Hoosiers.  Urig’s painting T. C. Steele’s Chair was purchased last year by T. C. Steele Boyhood Home Collection, in Waveland, Indiana. Urig said, “Having two paintings safely preserved for future generations in such notable collections and telling painters provided a moment for me to pause and reflect as a painter”.

T. C. Steele's Chair, 9 x 12, oil on panel

The Duveneck Award itself goes to a two-dimensional work depicting a historic landmark or scene in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The Behringer-Crawford Museum is located at 1600 Montague Road in Devou Park, Covington, Kentucky whereas T. C. Steele Boyhood Home is located at 110 South Cross Street, Waveland, Indiana.

More of Urig’s paintings can be seen at his Studio and Gallery in Springdale Ohio at Daryl Urig’s Creative Underground, 430 Ray Norrish Drive, just off 275 on Route 4 across from the Springdale Cinemas. Gallery Hours are Thursday from 11 am till 7 pm and by appointment.

“The First Brush of Spring” paint out in New Harmony Indiana

“The First Brush of Spring” paint out in New Harmony Indiana this past week was a great artist retreat. I was able to paint, meet up with old friends and make many new acquaintances. Thank you to all that participated and made this a meaningful time away.

Urig Painting, rough sketch of Soap Lady in New Harmony IN

Grain Bins in Overcast Day #4, 9 x 12, oil on panel
Barn Exploration #1, 9 x 12, oil on panel
Barn Exploration #2, 9 x 12, oil on panel
Barn Exploration #3, 9 x 12, oil on panel
Barn Exploration #4, 9 x 12, oil on panel

I enjoy taking one scene and exploring it from all angles as I have with the Plein Air “Barn Exploration”. All paintings completed with a painting knife which provides a beautiful rich textured paint application. Please look for me my upcoming workshops on my website.

Outdoor Painting for Everyone

I am always pleased when someone gets it. D. Nadanyi got it on her first attempt. When I wrote my book Plein Air Painting for Everyone, I meant EVERYONE! It is a simple approach for anyone wanting to paint outdoors. Being adequately prepared helps the painter to be confident and ready to paint.

In my workshop this past week on Hilton Head Island, SC we painted several outdoor scenes. My favorite place to paint is the Bluffton Oyster Company in Bluffton, SC. It has so much to offer.

Naydanyi says,” This is so wonderful, the breeze, the activity of people, I could come here and just look at the scene.” I understood. I am an outdoor person also. I love gardening outside, playing tennis in the open air and of course painting outside, as the French call it, Plein Air. When one of my students gets it as Nadanyi did it means so much for me as a teacher.
Naydanyi wrote me, “Daryl, your book on Plein Air Painting for Everyone is a simple how to guide to help you get started on your outdoor painting adventure. Painting outdoors was an awesome experience that I intend to continue thanks to your instruction and encouragement”.

Looking forward to our next class on my return.

Purchase Book Here: Click

Painting instruction in my book (shown above) deals with representational images. Outdoor painting can also be used as a jump board for Abstract Plein Air Painting. The two paintings below are painted from a similar vantage point. One painted in Bluffton SC on a sunny day and the other on an overcast day.

Overcast Day Bluffton Oyster Factory, 9 x 12" oil on panel


Sunny Day Bluffton Oyster Factory, 9 x 12" oil on panel


Plien Air to Abstraction – Live Interview with Stuart Shils

Streamed Live on February 3, 2015, with the Creative Underground.  As a painter Stuart Shils has explored many avenues. While painting outdoors it changed his path as a painter. Seeing the abstract qualities and gestures of his paint seemed so much more powerful than an inventory list of details.

Visit here for other plein air interviews

Tips for a Contemporary Painter, Hardback Book, by Daryl Urig

Tips for a Contemporary Painter, Hardback Book
Tips for a Contemporary Painter, Hardback Book

My new hardback book “Tips for a Contemporary Painter” has just been published. The book outlines how we can develop a “Painters Code” to help rid our profession of myths and half-truths and promote good artistic thinking.

It is the painters’ companion book. It delivers to any level of painter good practical advise, foundational insights, a way to get your thoughts in order and finally as a creative catalyst providing a huge amount of inspiration. It will revolution and progress your painting.

Purchase here:

Tips for a Contemporary Painter



What is Plein Air Painting? Think Tank live discussion on January 6, 2015

This was exciting! What a great perspective for new and experienced Plein Air Painters.

The Creative Underground brings you a live discussion with a panel of plein air painters that describe what plein air or outdoor painting is about. The benefits to your art and personal life. What to expect and how to participate in plein air groups along with perspectives on competition plein air painting.

We are planning future videos, so please stay tuned to the DUCreativeUnderground.com

Those wanting instruction on how to get started Plein Air Painting may want to read my book.

“Plein Air Painting for Everyone”, by Daryl Urig is a great book for any outdoor painter looking to get a simpler approach for capturing outdoor light on canvas. It outlines a plan and process for painting and provides tips from how to start a painting to keeping your supplies easily organized. Starting out in the comfort of your own back yard.

Purchase it here: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Plein_Air