Leisure Painter, January 2014 article by Daryl Urig

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year from Marcel and I

  I was very pleased when Leisure Painter Magazine picked up my article on “Copy habitats not paintings” and a plein air still life demonstration I provided. The magazine was recommended to me by one of my students. It is a very fine publication. I was very impressed with the teaching in this magazine.

My article discusses some very important painters and the need to emulate their good habits that created their masterful paintings. Then a plein air still life to capture radiant light. I painted with painting knives, and it discusses my process.

Above is a photo of a still life scene I plein air painted in my backyard for the article. Please be sure to follow the link and pick up a copy. Leisure Painter, January 2014 Issue.

ITunes Preview calls it the UK’s best-selling learn-to-paint magazine

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Spring Island, SC – Studio Painting Knives

As part of my National Tour I was able to enjoy the people and location of Spring Island, SC. The week-long workshop focused on drawing for painting, color mixing, limited pallet, perspective, painting light and shadow and paint manipulation with painting knife or pallet knife. Accompanied with individual instruction.

The people, location and amenities made the workshop and exhibition a memorable event. I hope to return to see my new friends in the years to come. Again, thank you.

Color and Contemporary Still Life – Seeing Color – Sun City, SC












It is fun to paint. But wouldn’t it be fun to see and paint the correct color?

That is what this group of fine painters in Sun City South Carolina discovered at the Color and Contemporary Still Life Workshop this past week. Using seeing techniques I  showed students how to see color where they where unable to see color before. It takes some time. You could her a student say “where did that color come from, it was not there before”. That was the moment seeing began for that painter.

Object color in the light, on the shadow side,  reflected color, color where you never saw color. How to best capture this in paint on your canvas. It effects every painting you will ever paint in studio or plein air.

Janice above wanted something that would change her painting and believes she found it in this workshop.


You only think you are painting if you haven’t taken the time to study color! Color and Contemporary Still Life is must do workshop if you are interested in how color will improve your work.
– Rose Nigro, Bluffton SC

Daryl knows how to stretch the artist to achieve while maintaining a positive and productive atmosphere.
– Janice Mathes, Bluffton SC

Plein Air Group Starting
Sun City Painters please see Rose Nigro if interested in joining her group of plein air painters that meets on Wednesday mornings.


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Pear in Light 2

I am playing with lighting and the concept of contemporary still life. Below is my second pear painting. They make a pare.

I wanted to move the eye around the painting with design and composition. Using overlap, values, lighting and color to create form and space. This may be considered a tighter use of painting knives demonstrating a more stippling or sometimes crosshatching of overlapping small knife strokes. No brush was used.

Pear in Light 2

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It would be easier to be a lazy painter – but not as good!

As a painter a lot of my struggles are against myself. Painting takes a lot of discipline. It’s sometimes a bother worth being bothered for to adjust a painting, even after you think it is finished.

This still life of the Pear in the Light I had photographed and uploaded it to my website three times, each time noticing something that needed fixing. So I went back and fixed it. It would have been easier to be lazy and just let it go. What I saw needed adjustment and if not reworked it would have continually annoyed me about the painting. So I fixed the painting and can breath a sigh of relief.

Can anyone else tell if they have had a similar experience?

Still life’s are a lot like plein air painting if you use natural window light as Johannes Vermeer painted with sidelight from a window in his studio. The nice thing is that the light does not change as fast or as noticeably as it does painting plein air. Just look outside and watch how the shadows change as time passes, unless it is an overcast day you may not see much shadowing.

The natural light from a window lighting a still life has a beautiful softness and the colors can be very rich.

Pear in Light


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