My Western Life

From my experiences and thoughts over the last few months in Arizona, I have painted scenes from the American West. Something I have always wanted to do.

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A Western Look

These paintings express my feelings about the west. From what I see, to what I have experienced and what I grew up with as a western TV show or movie. The expression is probably subconscious thoughts that are going on in my present life. There is always something going on in our personal life. Now more than ever, turbulent cultures here in the USA do to COVID and politics.

You may see in these paintings that they have a rough fluid look. You would be correct. It is what makes painting truly fun for me. Painting by site versus some formula or intellectual measure. With the swipe of a brush, I can change a shape by adding to it, or over-paint to subtract from a shape. On a flat panel, it makes sense and becomes believable.

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