Looking Forward to the New Year!

I am so looking forward to a new year of painting workshops across North America. With old acquaintances from past workshops and meeting new energetic painters that want to grow their abilities.

Lots of great locations for artists to retreat and refresh their creative energies. Warm climates in the cold time of year. Cooler weather for the hot and roasty times of the year. Cool breezes from a marsh or sea to refresh the air. Western getaways for the cowboy or cowgirl in everyone of us.

Starting in Florida, flying to California then back to the Carolinas and Georgia for a workshop. Catching up with some of my boyhood love of the west in Texas. Then returning to the coastal areas of South Carolina, Rhode Island, New Jersey and The Hamptons. I have always loved the water and allure of boats. I will then travel north to Vermont.

Flying out of the United States to Kelowna BC (the westernmost of Canada’s provinces) a charming and picturesque area. Staying west in Utah for 2 amazing workshops capturing my love for the Wild West. I loved those old cowboy movies and shows and they come to life here for me. Enjoying the beauty of Oregon, moving to the North Central region of the United States to a hidden area in Wisconsin.

I am so looking forward to the experiences and growth we can enjoy as painters in each others company. To me these are life experiences and opportunities I will cherish through my life. I will be doing what I truly love, painting, instructing and inspiring other painters in life and art.

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Pelicans Perch – 24 x 48 inches, based on plein air field studies

Pelicans Perch is based on a number of experiences and field study paintings and sketches I have had here in the Carolina. Below is the final 24 x 48 inch wide oil on panel painting painted with exclusively painting knives. Plein air field studies and sketches below that.

You have to enjoy the climate, color of the light in the morning and picturesque mood here. There is almost a painting in any direction you look. As the artist we need only to put it together.

Pelicans Perch, 24 x 48, oil on panel

Pelicans flying sketch

Pelican Perched, 9 x 12

Field Study: Low country marsh, 9 x 12

Field Study: Bluffton Oyster Factory, 9 x 12

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Gray Heron – Spring Island SC

There is something grand about being in South Carolina and painting with Low Country painters. The charm of their natural wildlife landscape is evident everywhere you look and will surely transform you.

I had the privilege of painting and demonstrating how to paint with painting knives with these smart and talented low country painters from Spring Island SC.

Demo Painting, 9 x 12, oil on panel, Gray Heron

Spring Island is a 3000-acre private island that looks much the same as it did after 1880; it no longer operated as a plantation and became a private preserve.


Information on Workshops & Locations
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