Coming Home to New Jersey

It has been many years since I lived in New Jersey. I lived here just after I graduated art school and had my first job in a publishing company designing and illustrating book covers. So it was a bit like coming home.

Words like charming and picturesque are well chosen words to describe the area of Ocean County Artists’ Guild in Island Heights, New Jersey near Toms River. If you like not pumping your gas and having full service with low gas prices, charming water and nautical views with beautiful sunsets and feeding mute swans you will enjoy this area and the community that nourishes it.

The Studio Painting Knife workshop, concepts and approach was accepted and embraced by this savvy group of eastern painters, an hour or so from New York City.

Please enjoy the photos and paintings.

Chill’in by the docks, 18 x 24 inches, oil on panel

6 x 8 inch, Study

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