Hangin’ by the dock

We had a lively fun group at the Cincinnati Art Club in Cincinnati Ohio this past weekend. It was the get out of the box workshop, painting with painting knives in a studio set up. We painted from photos emphasizing the importance of doing a rough preliminary painting study before beginning in on a final exploratory painting.

There is so much to learn from a preliminary study. Many found it gave them the insight of what not to do, and what to do better in the final. Some found they could be loser with a study, and then tightened up when they tried to create a painting. Seems to be a heavy pressure on painters. “Creating a painting”.

I emphasized developing patience with yourself and the painting. Treating it more like an exploratory journey as they respond with accurate and good information. Not putting down statements that where only misjudgments with the thought that it can be changed later. More importantly, make good decisions that help to build more good choices for a successful outcome in a painting.

Hangin’ by the dock, 18 x 24 inches, oil on panel
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I really enjoyed the workshop.  It was laid back and relaxed and you didn’t come across with a big ego like a lot of workshop leaders do.  You didn’t take up time trying to sell your work either.  I liked the fact that we could see your painting in progress and see how you made decisions and what your struggle was too.  Your suggestions to me were good and helped me improve my paintings. I appreciated the little tips too–like using walnut oil and alkyd walnut oil.   Thank you again for accommodating my church schedule.
– Mary Jean Weber, Cincinnati Ohio

Daryl did a great job of explaining the preparation and application of paint using knife techniques.  His care in executing studies from reference material was a learning experience for me!
– Larry Sparks, Cincinnati Ohio

Thank you Benton for posing for this picture. Larry I like your idea of the seagull ringtone.

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