It bothers me when artist are so sure of himself or herself!

Trying to explain why this does not look like all my other paintings, I wrote this.

It bothers me when artist are so sure of himself or herself!

I see so many artists trying to say this is the way or that is the way. For sure, for the artist, there is no one-way.

Maybe I would have made a better chemist or scientist; I seem to enjoy the scientific law to explore.

Wikipedia Says: A scientific law is a statement based on repeated experimental observation that describes some aspect of the world.

That is what I feel painting is about, repeated experimentation or exploring, based on observations that describe some, hopefully, new aspect of art, grounded on the natural world with the artist interpretation.

With this in mind, no one ever fully completes the race; there is always more to investigate. For better and a lot of times for worse.

So don’t fret if your paintings don’t all look like they came out of a factory. And every homogenized stroke does not resemble the one before it. Explore… and see what you can gain in learning. Move beyond what others have said is the bar. You may find what everyone was looking for in the first place. So many settle for less.

In all fairness, I did learn much from this painting. When I chose to venture out and let go with some artistic restraint I tried some things that I have always wanted to try but never got around to. Amusing how many good ideas float in our heads and we just ignore them.

The real painter humbles himself and looks at everything with a fresh eye.
For him every painting is a journey of discovery.
– Henry Hensche, The Cape Cod School

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