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An associate of mine, Joe Bowler, an accomplished portrait painter, once told me, “you never figure out art because it’s a lifetime study.” Joe owns an immense library of books, detailing various painters’ works. He constantly pores over the artwork and re-reads the accompanying text. It’s a hobby of which he never tires, as each time he reviews these texts, he learns something new about his art form.

I feel the same as Joe did about painting; it’s a lifetime study. Your quest to be a painter is a continual uphill climb of learning and experiences. For some, this journey is frustrating, but for me, it’s a constant source of excitement.

With painting, you never accomplish your task, as there’s always something new to discover. But this does not mean painting is not useful. As the experience of painting brings personal fulfillment, as the painter is able to express them selves, their thoughts and their emotions on the canvas.

As a painter, you never arrive at your destination; instead, you enjoy a journey of experiences, all in paint.

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American Oil Painter Daryl Urig is a member of The Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America and Cincinnati Art Club. He has taught at the University of Cincinnati for over 8 years and is president of Total Media Source Inc.

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