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Save Money on Canvases, Framing and Juried Art Show Shipping

Shipping large pieces of art can cost the painter quite a bit of money. I had two juried art shows to which I was accepted – in Colorado and in South Carolina. To box, wrap in bubble wrap and ship ground round trip cost a total of $500. This was in addition to a $200 gallery frame from Manny’s of Denver. They provide a very nice affordable gallery frame.

I have thought of two ways to save loads of money and not diminish the quality.

  1. Work smaller
  2. Create your own gallery wrapped frames

Size does matter when it comes to shipping large works of art. Working smaller has made me develop quicker in my oil painting and has created a more affordable purchase size for my clients. Less weight and a smaller box for shipping will save you greatly.

Gallery wrapped stretchers I make save me costly stretchers. There is no gallery frame because the canvas wraps around the stretchers and is stapled to the back of the wood stretcher. Many, not all, juried art shows, will accept gallery wrapped stretchers (sometimes called gallery wrapped frames) as long as they look professional. There is no gallery frame to purchase. This is a savings, and your final product weighs less, another savings in shipping.

All in all, it is better to work smarter not larger and heavier.

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