Seeing – Can I really see?

As painters whom want to represent some aspects of what we see, seeing, or making observations with our eyes is very important.

I always assumed I could see. Being an artist we are very sensitive to everything around us. We are much more aware of visuals that others may overlook.

What I have found in my development, as a painter is that seeing is always increasing. What I could see 10 years ago was so limited to what I am able to see and either resemble, respond to or capture in my paintings now.

The one thing that has helped me to observe better is the difference between squinting and scanning. I go into detail in my workshops and book Plein Air Painting for Everyone, in the observation section. I am not sure every painter understands the richness of color and values that lie before us in natural observations of an outdoor scene.

The colors I now see are so much more vivid than I was able to understand years ago. It seems to be constantly improving as I train myself in outdoor landscape painting. We like to use the French term Plein Air painting, it means the same thing.

The importance of Plein Air painting is the training it freely provides if you are willing to be its’ student. Cezanne mentions that any serious painter should paint outdoors. Since he was the father of impressionism and modern art we should give him a listening ear if not both of our eyes attention.

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