Sun City Hilton Head Island, SC – Get Out of The Box with Painting Knives

What a fun group of painters I found in Sun City Hilton Head, Bluffton SC. Or they found me. We had a very energetic time trying to get out of the box, using painting knives, many for the first time.

One man changed so dramatically; on arrival his paint style was tight and controlled and when he left on his Harley I could see his pony tail swinging in the wind as pulled a wheelie, well that is what I remembered anyways Dick.

We had new painters, experienced painters, people that came needing support because of tragedies in their personal lives. I am always blessed when by painting we can accomplish so very much.


I really enjoyed your workshop. It was a busy two days, relaxed and informative at the same time. I came away with new insight into the painting process, plus tools that I feel will improve my work. Your style was challenging, without being intimidating. The workshop was a great value and I would highly recommend it.
– Bob Sefton, Sun City HHI, Bluffton SC


Daryl is an excellent instructor who knows where each student is in their development and how to guide and encourage improvements. – Dick Snell, Sun City HHI, Bluffton SC


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