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It’s always flattering to be asked to pose for an artist. Because of this, most people are open to the idea. But unfortunately, not everyone makes a great model.

When picking a model, artists profile. First and foremost, the sitter must fit the theme of the painting. After selecting a model, however, there’s a multitude of problems that can arise.

Some have the tendency to slouch and change their facial expressions. To remedy this problem, it’s always best to simplify the pose, making it easier for the model to hold. But sometimes this is not a viable option, as a simple pose is not what the artist wants to capture.

Other models have a hard time remaining in the same position for an extended period of time. To help the model stay still, I always try to set reasonable periods of time for them to pose, remembering to give them ample rest periods. When the model poses inside, I typically ask them to pose for 30 minutes with a subsequent 10 minute rest. And if they’re outside and it’s hot, I ask them for 20 minutes of posing and give them 10 minutes of rest. If the model still moves during their pose, I just ask them politely to readjust themselves accordingly.

A more uncommon problem an artist faces is that sometime models bring an entourage with them while posing. I once worked with a model whom brought her parents to watch each time she posed. And another time, a model brought her boyfriend, whom waited in a van with his laptop on a 95 degree day, causing the model to worry. Both of these situations were very awkward, and I’m not sure what’s the best way to deal with this.

My best piece of advice to an artist is if you find a good female model, treat them well, as they’re hard to find. If any woman readers would like to model, please e-mail a picture and contact information to

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