Pareidolia Painting Series

Self Portrait, Pareidolia Painting
Self Portrait, 24 x 30 inches, M. Graham oil paints on panel, $4300

Is it Pareidolia?

We walk into a dimly lit room and see a figure staring back at us, Pareidolia. Startled we recognize it is only a coat peculiarly lying on a chair. What was that? What just happened?

Could it be our minds playing with us? A mind that quickly assembles and recognizes face-like image where there is none. It may not be our imagination but part of our early survival instincts software that has aided us in recognizing other living forms. Could this be heightened in some humans more than others? Do some find it disturbing? Or do we all have it? Is it cool when we recognize it? Then quickly want to share with others.

Pareidolia painting incorporates perceived images that do not exist. Like seeing a face in a cloud. A Pareidolia experience is where you may perceive an image of animals, faces or objects in cloud formations, a knotty piece of wood, a marbled tile, stains, inkblots and other forms.

Corporate, Pareidolia Painting
Corporate, 30 x 24 inches, M. Graham oil paints on panel, $4300

Leonardo da Vinci explained in his notebook that it was a device for painters to explore. Where we can see an infinite number of things that can be reduced into separate and well-conceived forms.

Eat, Pareidolia Painting
Eat, 30 x 24 inches, M. Graham oil paints on panel, $4300

I enjoy drawing from my mind. Demonstrating where the perceived and conceived collide. Painting a depiction of two parallel universes. One being a visual reality of what I think is before us combined with the second filled with perceptions, reflections, and experiences in the mind.

The Arts, Pareidolia Painting
The Arts, 30 x 24 inches, M. Graham oil paints on panel, $4300

Please visit my Gallery, The Creative Underground and enjoy viewing my demonstrations of a “Pareidolia Experience” Exhibition.

Pharmaceutical, Pareidolia Painting
Pharmaceutical, 30 x 24 inches, M. Graham oil paints on panel, $4300

Hidden Faces, Pareidolia Painting
Hidden Faces, 24 x 18 inches, M. Graham oil paints on panel, $2600


Dan McCaw shares his personal adventure about fine arts oil painting with Daryl Urig of the Creative Underground in an interview on February 15, 2016.

I hope you enjoy the video interview with Dan McCaw as I have.

I have enjoyed getting to know a fantastic oil painter that I admire. His philosophy on life and painting will make you search deeper when starting your next painting or refreshing an old painting. We will be able to take a painting to a new level making it more enjoyable. Not having to take the same path each time you approach the canvas. We will be opening a new chapter in the book of fine arts oil painters.

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We had some fun talking with Linda Fischer. We discussed topics on abstraction and perspective that I am sure you never thought of before. Please watch the video below.

Taking the Mystery Out of Abstraction

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On February 24, 2015 Daryl Urig’s Creative Underground had a live interview with painter Michael Steirnagle. Steirnagle describes his approach to abstract painting utilizing patterns, playing with shapes, design and motifs. Please watch the YouTube Chanel below.

Plien Air to Abstraction – Live Interview with Stuart Shils

Streamed Live on February 3, 2015, with the Creative Underground.  As a painter Stuart Shils has explored many avenues. While painting outdoors it changed his path as a painter. Seeing the abstract qualities and gestures of his paint seemed so much more powerful than an inventory list of details.

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