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Our Journey – Getting to Know T. C. Steele

My journey this past weekend with my wife Robyn took us to these three locations where we learned more about T. C. Steele. Without any doubt T. C. Steele is one of Indiana’s best-known painters. We enjoyed learning about a talented and adventurous man with a strong will to grow his painting. Our first stop was in Waveland, Indiana. I want to thank the Tim and Meg Shelly for their vision of renovating T. C. Steele Boyhood Home and opening it up for painter retreats.

We took time to get to know the character of the home and its surrounding landscape. We saw the intense fall tree colors. One of our favorite excursions was to Turkey Run State Park about 10 miles away. There we enjoyed a unique hiking experience, walking and climbing through creek bed paths and straddling between rocks, stairs and steep ladders that would drop down to lower narrow plateaus.

Steele has a lot to tell us about living the artist life. Though I will keep it short. He sought education in painting and then taught others. He made a living by primarily painting portraits, this to support his love for outdoor painting of Indiana landscapes.

To help Steele further his art training, his friends and art patrons provide financial support for him and his family to go to Munich, Germany. There he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. From what I have seen from other painters who attended the Munich school was a similar love for greys in a painting. This movement in painting influenced Steele. Carrying it not only in his portraits but also landscape paintings.

Later Steele was called a Hoosier Impressionist painter.  Though his work had a totally different direction from the Impressionists painter Claude Monet in Paris, who created Impressionism.

T. C. Steele Boy Hood Home, Daryl and Robyn Urig

T. C. Steele's Chair painted by Daryl Urig

For our second stop we traveled to Indiana University and saw many paintings in their art gallery. My favorite figurative oil painting titled “The Boatman” was by T. C. Steele. Painted in 1884. It was painted in mostly smoky greys.

The Boatman, 1884 by T. C. Steele

To finish our weekend journey we traveled to Nashville, Indiana to see one of his many studios. This one called the House of the Singing Woods is a beautiful studio in a very primitive and remote spot high on top of a hill.  Not a practical choice for a studio where one chooses to live. There was no available water, suitable land for planting or available food for someone who does not hunt. His wife was totally unprepared. She did not know how to cook on a potbelly stove or even cook for that matter.

Steele’s choice was based solely on the artistic view. It was a beautiful, majestic home in simple remote surroundings. An environment to paint and entertain many visitors who would like to drop in and see what was going on with this unusual couple.

He was capable of teaching and supported his family with his portrait commissions. His wife later planting gardens so they would have food and flowers to include as subject matter for paintings.

It so surprised me that though they did not have all of the technology we have today he had many avenues for success. The world must not have look too big to him so he moved many times. Living in many places from Indiana to Michigan, Chicago and Germany. Possibly more.

There is so much to say about this man and his wife. To enjoy it fully you will want to visit his historic sites and take the tour in Nashville to get a glimpse of his life.

Singing Woods in Nashville Indiana, Home/Studio of T. C. Steele

Watch video of Daryl Urig and his Interview with Rachel Perry published author of “Paint and Canvas: A Life of T.C. Steele” 

Back to painting and building at the Creative Underground Studio.

Gave myself time to complete my desk. Enjoy the metal theme used throughout the gallery. Had fun building the desk as I did building the gallery. Hope you will give me a call and drop in for a visit, now that it is finally completed.

Played with the Happy Grandpa painting I showed earlier in a previous post. It seemed to lack some of the emotion and spark I originally intended for the painting. I wanted the yellow flower she was reaching for to be more apparent but not so polarizing being close to the center of the canvas.

Still concentrating on softening some edges and sharpening other edges in the painting. The colors seemed a little dark, so I lightened them up with blues, blue-greens and blue-purples hues to compliment the yellow. Yellow paintings seem to be a draw for me. Yellow I find to be the most complicated color to paint with. It really needs to be managed well. This revision seemed to match my original intent for the painting.



Updated Web Gallery of Daryl Urig’s Paintings

I have just updated my Gallery with some of my latest Paintings. It is a better view and representation of my paintings. Please visit here:

C.W. Mundy reviews “Tips for a Contemporary Painter”, by Daryl Urig

What a pleasure to receive confirmation from such a masterful and accomplished painter as C. W. Mundy. You can read his candid remarks below.

“Hey man, I read your book! It’s like an encyclopedia in understanding the nature of painting with very useful tips! Very easy to read with valuable insight! Congratulations on a fine effort! CW”

Thank you CW, this means a lot to me, Daryl Urig.

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Augusta Art Guild Paint Out this past weekend, in Augusta Kentucky was the place to be

The American Queen Steamboat docked this past weekend for a picturesque time period presentation on the Ohio River. What a joy to paint. I do love boats and water. No one would have thought that this majestic Queen, the largest steamboat ever built, would have a broken paddlewheel axil shaft that would delay its journey.

Two days filled with more than I could paint, trains, old town charm, paddlewheel steamboat, and a ferry boat that has been in service since 1798.

The peoples choice award was a four-way tie. I was fortunate to be selected by this endearing community to share Best(s) of Show.

Some may be aware that Augusta Kentucky is high school home of George Clooney.

Please enjoy my paintings and pictures from the weekend. You can see how close my easel was to that train track.  A good time to step away from the easel and view my painting from afar.

Home Town RR, 9 x 12, oil on panel
The paddlewheel steamboat early morning, 9 x 12, oil on panel

the patriot, 9 x 12, oil on panel
The Patriot, 9 x 12, oil on panel

Augusta KY Ferry, 9 x 12, oil on panel


Docked paddlewheel steamboat, 9 x 12, oil on panel

All paintings are for sale. Please contact me by email to purchase at:

I am planning a workshop in Umbria (Italy) this October. I have 5 spaces left, please  don’t miss out on this amazing experience. It is about $3000 per person, plus airfare. I understand this is very reasonable for a two-week all-inclusive with meals, wine, shuttle to fro airport, sight seeing in one of Italy’s untouched areas. Original architecture dating back to 1300’s, what a wonderful place to paint old Italian villages, shops and hillsides.

Bring a friend and save $200. You may participate in a two day Italian cooking class, non stop sightseeing, you don’t need to be a painter to enjoy this. If you are, then I will be instructing a painting workshop in the studio and plein air. This will be the memory of a lifetime.  Hope to see you in Italy!

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T.C. Steele Boyhood Home – Paint Out

It was a nice opportunity to paint at the boyhood home of T.C. Steele. Theodore Clement Steele (September 11, 1847 – July 24, 1926) was an American Impressionist painter known for his Indiana landscapes. Steele was an innovator and leader in American Midwest painting and is considered to be the most important of Indiana’s Hoosier Group painters. He is Timothy Shelly’s grandfathers’ brother. Tim and Margaret Shelly renovated the historical property in hopes of honoring TC Steele and his legacy in painting.

I arrived early traveling from Harrison Ohio. About a two and half hour journey. As part of the IPAPA group, Indiana Plein Air Painters I was able to participate in this paint out.

IPAPA members and patrons in front of home
IPAPA Member Participants

It is always nice to visit the home of a painter. Get the vibes and feel for some of the things that may have inspired him as a painter. I fixated on the building at once. Touring the home looking for a few things to make into a painting. Noticing the light hitting the side of the home by the side entrance. I knew that would be my first painting. The upstairs offered a chair nicely positioned in a corner. This would offer me local tone painting. Lastly was the patterning of the doors and yellow wall in the main room when you first walked in the home. I had plenty to paint. I hope TC would be pleased. I felt the creative energy of the surroundings accompanied with many of my emotions and memories of my Grandfathers old home.

Bird Next, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel
TC's Chair, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel
Doors on Yellow Wall, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel

Margaret and Tim purchased T.C.’s Chair.

Owners of T.C.'s Chair

T. C. Steele’s boyhood home is located at 110 South Cross St., Waveland, Indiana. Thank you Tim and Margaret for your hospitality and vision.





The Perfect Fine Art Painting Gift

Christmas has always been a special Holiday at our home. It is a time to enjoy family and friends. Gifts are shared from a willing heart, reminding us of our Savior that received gifts on his birthday.

I have enjoyed meeting many of you in my workshops. Always hating it when we have to part. I hope to see many new and old acquaintances this year.

I am planning just a few select workshops next year. One that I am especially looking forward to is Italy in October of 2014. It is the perfect time of the year to visit Italy. There will be plenty of time to paint with instruction and leisurely. Enjoy fine foods and wines. While visiting and touring the surrounding Umbrian region of Central Italy.

Painting Italian Villages, Shops and Hillsides.

Special incentives and pricing are available for early sign ups, returning painters and even bringing a friend. Many have told me it is a very reasonable trip with guides who have been doing this for over 30 years.

I would like you to consider joining me next year.

Call Tracy to Sign Up: 1-855-476-6482

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Have a Happy Holiday Season and Blessed New Year.

The essence of painting

This is me in Main last year. Somehow I forgot to publish this post.

It takes so long to understand painting, it at least has taken me most of my life. I marvel at very few young painters that arrive at quick success. I think how long will it last for them, or do they even understand what they have accomplished?

My journey is more like the turtle, than the hare. Steady and sure path, learning, teaching, and continually critiquing myself. Trying to move the painting image further towards what I believe is the essence of painting.

My life in art does form purpose around me and declares whom I am. Hopefully I am leaving a legacy of paintings behind me, to tell my story, I was here. This is what I saw and this is what I have felt all documented in my paintings.

What do you think Van Gogh felt? He left us such wonderful paintings? What do you think you should be doing in your paintings to make them more about yourself?

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Many people have asked me, “Why a National Tour?”

My top four reasons are that I love painting, teaching, people and traveling.

Years ago I read a Biography of Thomas Hart Benton. I was so impressed with his road trips and how he would be inspired by the American people to do these magnificent figurative paintings.

I have always been absorbed with painting the figure. I could just mall watch people for hours they are so fascinating.

Traveling can be so eye opening. You get to see new things that truly move you. At the same time you see that artists are not all that much different from one another. When I come back home I appreciate what I have and sometimes see more than I saw before. You can miss things in your surroundings by being too familiar.

When I teach, I don’t hold anything back, and always get back more than I ever am able to give.

It is not for money. I did it for the love of the four things I before mentioned. We only get one shot at life. I don’t want to waste a single minute of it.

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