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I have just updated my Gallery with some of my latest Paintings. It is a better view and representation of my paintings. Please visit here: http://darylurig.com/store.html

Save this Date on Your Calendar – September 5, 2015!

Marine Outlet Study, 9 x 12 oil on panel

I was able to see many artists this past weekend in Richmond Indiana for the IPAP, OPAS & RAM paint out. I was surprised how close Richmond is to Springdale Ohio. We had nice weather and a wonderful time painting and talking with other painters.

Many mentioned to me to count them in for the FREE EVENT, IPAP, SkyScapes & Urban Settings Paint Out. Open to all Plein Air Painters on September 5, 2014 at the Creative Underground. There is a pretty view here. I updated the flyer with the latest information including our judge since she had a family event date conflict. Miss you Mary Ann.

If you can, please Text: 513-708-7981 or Email: Contact@DarylUrig.com your full name so I may get a good idea of those participating.

I have secured inexpensive lodging for about $50 an evening. If you want to double or triple up it could be a lesser cost. So please register with the hotel early. I believe a breakfast is included.

Many great quality painting prizes to be won and awarded at the event. A Paint Safe Easel donated by Wayne Campbell we will have a drawing for from the first 25 sign-ups to appear. Including prizes from M. Graham Oil Paints, Rosemary Brushes, Plaza Art and more. Plus Plein Air games for fun and awards.

I planned group lunch for those who want to gather and interact with other painters. It will be a good social plein air experience with awards for all levels of painters to have a chance to win.

Please pass this along to any other groups you may be involved in so it may be a success.

Download Event Flyer Click Here


A follow up workshop is offered to those wanting to attend.

September 7, 8 & 9, 2015
Immersive Plein Air Experience – Workshop
Daryl Urig – At the DU Creative Underground
430 Ray Norrish Drive, Springdale(Cincinnati), OH
Cost $375
We can learn so much from painting on location in the open air. Lots of hands on demonstrations and practical explanations on the benefits of having an a plan for capturing great Plein-Air painting studies. Including creating dynamic compositions, mixing rich colors, and capturing light with lively paint. You will be amazed at the difference it will make to your paintings. Open media, demonstrations with painting knife in oil paint and pencil.

Questions? Call/Text: 513-708-7981
or Email: Contact@DarylUrig.com

I look forward to seeing you.

Daryl Urig

C.W. Mundy reviews “Tips for a Contemporary Painter”, by Daryl Urig

What a pleasure to receive confirmation from such a masterful and accomplished painter as C. W. Mundy. You can read his candid remarks below.

“Hey man, I read your book! It’s like an encyclopedia in understanding the nature of painting with very useful tips! Very easy to read with valuable insight! Congratulations on a fine effort! CW”

Thank you CW, this means a lot to me, Daryl Urig.

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Augusta Art Guild Paint Out this past weekend, in Augusta Kentucky was the place to be

The American Queen Steamboat docked this past weekend for a picturesque time period presentation on the Ohio River. What a joy to paint. I do love boats and water. No one would have thought that this majestic Queen, the largest steamboat ever built, would have a broken paddlewheel axil shaft that would delay its journey.

Two days filled with more than I could paint, trains, old town charm, paddlewheel steamboat, and a ferry boat that has been in service since 1798.

The peoples choice award was a four-way tie. I was fortunate to be selected by this endearing community to share Best(s) of Show.

Some may be aware that Augusta Kentucky is high school home of George Clooney.

Please enjoy my paintings and pictures from the weekend. You can see how close my easel was to that train track.  A good time to step away from the easel and view my painting from afar.

Home Town RR, 9 x 12, oil on panel

The paddlewheel steamboat early morning, 9 x 12, oil on panel

the patriot, 9 x 12, oil on panel
The Patriot, 9 x 12, oil on panel

Augusta KY Ferry, 9 x 12, oil on panel


Docked paddlewheel steamboat, 9 x 12, oil on panel

All paintings are for sale. Please contact me by email to purchase at:  Contact@DarylUrig.com

I am planning a workshop in Umbria (Italy) this October. I have 5 spaces left, please  don’t miss out on this amazing experience. It is about $3000 per person, plus airfare. I understand this is very reasonable for a two-week all-inclusive with meals, wine, shuttle to fro airport, sight seeing in one of Italy’s untouched areas. Original architecture dating back to 1300’s, what a wonderful place to paint old Italian villages, shops and hillsides.

Bring a friend and save $200. You may participate in a two day Italian cooking class, non stop sightseeing, you don’t need to be a painter to enjoy this. If you are, then I will be instructing a painting workshop in the studio and plein air. This will be the memory of a lifetime.  Hope to see you in Italy!

Call Tracy to Sign Up: 1-855-476-6482
Questions? Please email us: schoolinfo@laromita.org

Many people have asked me, “Why a National Tour?”

My top four reasons are that I love painting, teaching, people and traveling.

Years ago I read a Biography of Thomas Hart Benton. I was so impressed with his road trips and how he would be inspired by the American people to do these magnificent figurative paintings.

I have always been absorbed with painting the figure. I could just mall watch people for hours they are so fascinating.

Traveling can be so eye opening. You get to see new things that truly move you. At the same time you see that artists are not all that much different from one another. When I come back home I appreciate what I have and sometimes see more than I saw before. You can miss things in your surroundings by being too familiar.

When I teach, I don’t hold anything back, and always get back more than I ever am able to give.

It is not for money. I did it for the love of the four things I before mentioned. We only get one shot at life. I don’t want to waste a single minute of it.

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Seeing – Can I really see?

As painters whom want to represent some aspects of what we see, seeing, or making observations with our eyes is very important.

I always assumed I could see. Being an artist we are very sensitive to everything around us. We are much more aware of visuals that others may overlook.

What I have found in my development, as a painter is that seeing is always increasing. What I could see 10 years ago was so limited to what I am able to see and either resemble, respond to or capture in my paintings now.

The one thing that has helped me to observe better is the difference between squinting and scanning. I go into detail in my workshops and book Plein Air Painting for Everyone, in the observation section. I am not sure every painter understands the richness of color and values that lie before us in natural observations of an outdoor scene.

The colors I now see are so much more vivid than I was able to understand years ago. It seems to be constantly improving as I train myself in outdoor landscape painting. We like to use the French term Plein Air painting, it means the same thing.

The importance of Plein Air painting is the training it freely provides if you are willing to be its’ student. Cezanne mentions that any serious painter should paint outdoors. Since he was the father of impressionism and modern art we should give him a listening ear if not both of our eyes attention.

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National Workshop Tour - View locations and Dates of 2013 Workshops

You have to love Californians – Plein Air, Indian Canyons

Andreas Canyon, Indian Canyon, CA
Plein Air Field Study, Andreas Canyon, CA, 9 x 12 oil with painting knife

I sometimes wonder when I plein air paint if I am capturing what is right and believable. It is what I see and interpret, but do others see the same thing?

On this glorious day in Indian Canyons, more specifically Andreas Canyon I was able to get my confirmation. Two passer buyers exclaimed, it was like I was there with you when you where painting it. And the other could not get over the color likeness.

There must be a God. Because that was the question I was throwing out.

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Plein Air in the Carolinas

I enjoy plein air painting more each day. I had the privilege of painting in South Carolina. In Bluffton, Spring Island and the Spring Islands Tabby Ruins. The water and the climate make it a very enjoyable location to paint the field studies I am showing below.

One day the No-see-ums, I tiny bug with huge teeth got to me and helped me hurry one sketch, but besides that it was a refreshing experience. Leaving in just a few days, then returning to the region in January.

Below are 9 x 12 inch plein air field studies completed in about one hour each with a painting knife to capture light before it significantly changed. Changing light is one of the challenges a plein air painter experiences.

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Color and Contemporary Still Life – Seeing Color – Sun City, SC












It is fun to paint. But wouldn’t it be fun to see and paint the correct color?

That is what this group of fine painters in Sun City South Carolina discovered at the Color and Contemporary Still Life Workshop this past week. Using seeing techniques I  showed students how to see color where they where unable to see color before. It takes some time. You could her a student say “where did that color come from, it was not there before”. That was the moment seeing began for that painter.

Object color in the light, on the shadow side,  reflected color, color where you never saw color. How to best capture this in paint on your canvas. It effects every painting you will ever paint in studio or plein air.

Janice above wanted something that would change her painting and believes she found it in this workshop.


You only think you are painting if you haven’t taken the time to study color! Color and Contemporary Still Life is must do workshop if you are interested in how color will improve your work.
– Rose Nigro, Bluffton SC

Daryl knows how to stretch the artist to achieve while maintaining a positive and productive atmosphere.
– Janice Mathes, Bluffton SC

Plein Air Group Starting
Sun City Painters please see Rose Nigro if interested in joining her group of plein air painters that meets on Wednesday mornings.


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