It bothers me when artist are so sure of himself or herself!

Trying to explain why this does not look like all my other paintings, I wrote this.

It bothers me when artist are so sure of himself or herself!

I see so many artists trying to say this is the way or that is the way. For sure, for the artist, there is no one-way.

Maybe I would have made a better chemist or scientist; I seem to enjoy the scientific law to explore.

Wikipedia Says: A scientific law is a statement based on repeated experimental observation that describes some aspect of the world.

That is what I feel painting is about, repeated experimentation or exploring, based on observations that describe some, hopefully, new aspect of art, grounded on the natural world with the artist interpretation.

With this in mind, no one ever fully completes the race; there is always more to investigate. For better and a lot of times for worse.

So don’t fret if your paintings don’t all look like they came out of a factory. And every homogenized stroke does not resemble the one before it. Explore… and see what you can gain in learning. Move beyond what others have said is the bar. You may find what everyone was looking for in the first place. So many settle for less.

In all fairness, I did learn much from this painting. When I chose to venture out and let go with some artistic restraint I tried some things that I have always wanted to try but never got around to. Amusing how many good ideas float in our heads and we just ignore them.

The real painter humbles himself and looks at everything with a fresh eye.
For him every painting is a journey of discovery.
– Henry Hensche, The Cape Cod School

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It would be easier to be a lazy painter – but not as good!

As a painter a lot of my struggles are against myself. Painting takes a lot of discipline. It’s sometimes a bother worth being bothered for to adjust a painting, even after you think it is finished.

This still life of the Pear in the Light I had photographed and uploaded it to my website three times, each time noticing something that needed fixing. So I went back and fixed it. It would have been easier to be lazy and just let it go. What I saw needed adjustment and if not reworked it would have continually annoyed me about the painting. So I fixed the painting and can breath a sigh of relief.

Can anyone else tell if they have had a similar experience?

Still life’s are a lot like plein air painting if you use natural window light as Johannes Vermeer painted with sidelight from a window in his studio. The nice thing is that the light does not change as fast or as noticeably as it does painting plein air. Just look outside and watch how the shadows change as time passes, unless it is an overcast day you may not see much shadowing.

The natural light from a window lighting a still life has a beautiful softness and the colors can be very rich.

Pear in Light


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Alpena Michigan’s at Art in The Loft – Painting Knife Workshop

I was in Alpena Michigan’s at Art in The Loft this past week instructing a painting knife workshop with a group of dedicated painters that embraced the new tool in the studio and out in plein air paintings.

If you like light stations or lighthouses you will love Michigan because they have more light stations than any other state.

Art in the loft has some wonderful supportive staff, Brooke, Liz and Sarah that helped to make it a joy to instruct the workshop in their beautiful space.

Presque Isle Light Station New, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel

Presque Isle Light Station Old, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel

Alpena Light Station, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel


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Lowcountry Garden – An Abstract Impression

I had a vision for this painting from the very start. This was unusual for me to have it so clearly in my mind before painting on my primed panel. I wanted to have all of the abstract qualities of a painting and hold some resemblance to the original image. It is what I am considering calling abstract impressionism.

Created exclusively with a painting knife and M. Graham products, the painting was attacked with intense drawing with a painting knife while applying colors of paint. I attempted to keep the painting very fluid and then refined the painting to my original concept.

I wanted the viewer to enjoy the painting as only an abstract piece of art and if they had and then enjoy pulling out some realistic resemblance of life. In my opinion, everything is abstract to the painter; it is only in ordering abstractions that we provide a glimpse of reality.

Lowcountry Garden, 18 x 24 inches, oil on panel purchase painting here

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Woman in Rocky Stream

Created entirely with a painting knife, M. Graham paints and Walnut Oil.

My objective was to treat the rocky landscape and figure the same while being careful not to overwork any areas to maintain an overall unity of fluid paint. I enjoy the textures of the rocks, vibrant colors and how the painting holds together using form, light and composition. The figure was contrasted by darker surrounding colors. No matter how abstract the figures lighting was, it became the focal point of the painting.

Woman in Rocky Stream, 18 x 24 inches, oil on panel purchase painting here

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It helps to do a color study – Let’s Set Sail

 I know it seems faster to skip steps in painting. They are not always needed. Many times when I do a preliminary color study or smaller painting, it just helps to point out all the troubled areas of the painting so I know where to concentrate my problem solving energies.
© 2012 Daryl Urig

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Woman in the Desert

What an awesome time with wonderful people in Palm Desert CA, with wonderful people, in an area that has so much to offer.

The workshop helped painters to develop a process from taking pictures of a figure in a landscape setting, selecting a photo for painting, not all photos make good paintings to design, color sketch preliminaries and the then the final figurative painting.

The students quickly gained confidence, brush/painting knife control, color mixing, seeing what  to be aware of in a painting and as one said, reinforcing the basics while making the advanced easy, thanks Joe.

I felt we all grew close in this short time together. Like a much-needed retreat, doing what we enjoy, painting.

The Woman in the Garden workshop was hosted by Deb Mumm at Venus Studios in Palm Desert, CA.

Enjoy the pictures and paintings.

Upcoming workshops in California

I have been asked to plan a workshop before Thanksgiving 2012 on Intro to Self Portrait. Please contact me early if you would like to attend, I have commitments for half a class already. I like to keep the classes small so everyone gets good attention and understanding of information. This is a good first step towards figurative and portrait painting.

Hope to see you next year on my return to California for a Workshop titled Woman in the Desert – Canyon. I will expand on this figurative/landscape workshop to also include paining rocks with a painting knife.

Woman in the Desert, 9 x 12 inches wide on panel, purchase here.

Testimonials from workshop

I have taken many workshops – this was the best. I learned so much – I can be an artist after all.
– Carole Lintner, OR

I have learned so much. Daryl reinforced the basics, but went into advanced while making it easy.
– Joe Wheatley, CA

I thought the class Woman in the Desert was fabulous, we learned so much from Daryl. He is a terrific teacher – very clear instruction was given. He’s very encouraging. I highly recommend him as a teacher.
– Patti Howard, Vancouver B.C.

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