COVID 19: Look Up

We are part of everything in the universe

If you can take a moment to visualize with me that we are all part of our universe. The moon affects the tides, even a woman’s menstrual cycle is in line with the moon’s orbit. There is so much happening that is aligning us, or better, that we are all apart of.

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Hope in Dark Times

COVID 19 – NO OUTLET, Hope in Dark Times
Original Oil Painting: 30″ x 37″, Oil on Panel, $18,000, unframed
Prints are available. Please contact me by email.

I have some time here COVID 19 wise, so I want to give more of an explanation on this painting than I usually provide. One reason is that I hope when people observe the painting, they see what I do, or am trying to portray. Recently, I was looking at a drawing granddaughter drew and had to have it explained. What is it? Once I was told I totally got it and the drawing opened up to me. It was my back yard. Quite an amazing drawing, so much detail. I needed it explained.  Yes, felt a little silly after asking, really, my back yard? I thought maybe I can open up this painting for you by providing some explanation.

Close-ups, there a few weird reflections on mans’ face since the painting was complete today and it is still wet. I will rephotograph again later when dry.

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