Painting Stolen from Cincinnati Artist Museum

For Immediate Release

Painting stolen from The Paintings of Daryl Urig, Creative Underground Studio and Gallery last Thursday afternoon,

June 23, 2016 between 11:45 am and 12:45 pm. a 14 x 11 inch oil painting titled “Old House” painted in October of 2009 was removed from the gallery walls. Police are following leads to bring this painting back to the gallery. Urig would like the painting back to complete his collection and has promised not to press charges when returned.

Old House, 14 x 11 inch, oil on panel

The Gallery is rethinking its open door approach to visitors that has provided the local and abroad areas with the opportunity to see a working artist studio, collection of paintings by the artist Daryl Urig, oil painting instruction, workshops and broadcast studio where Urig interviews national oil painters on the art of painting.

Urig is considering a more closed and secure approach of turning the Gallery into a Private Museum and Working Studio of The Paintings of Daryl Urig while limiting hours to appointment only with admission to cut down on unsolicited traffic. Located at 430 Ray Norrish Drive, Cincinnati Ohio, close to Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield Ohio. Please direct calls to 513-708-7981 if you have information regarding this missing painting.

The Creative Underground – Phase 1 Construction

Daryl Urig’s Creative Underground Studio

Is a studio dedicated to catalyst creative thinking and exploration in painting

Our Moto – Move forward

Workshops – Discussions – Demonstrations – Inspiration

Our Concept
We appreciate Cezanne and his thinking. He fostered modern painting and cubism. Not dictated by the past but as the student exploring the deep truths in art through outdoor painting.

We will respect the artist and have lively discussions about our painting experiences that show purpose. We will persue painting with eco-friendly materials along with a structure of responsible decision-making and a practical plan to make a great product. Great art. Honest talk will motivate thoughtful penetrating critiques and great thinking. Knowledgeable painters talking about painting, how cool. With a supporting community that really understands the painter.

“Ingenious Plein Air Painters”
Initially we plan to spotlight plein air (outdoor landscape) painters that are breaking the mold as Cezanne did. What understand we may learn from nature and that will foster great creativity in our painting? Assisted by a panel of seven painters we will choose ground-breaking painters to highlight.

We are looking for
If you or someone you know would be able to make a viable contribution in painting please copy and paste the below information into your email and respond to each request by email to

Requested information for review:
Tell your story:
Discuss direction & goals:
Thought process:
Link to website with examples of work and developmental studies:
Perspective – How are you the student?
Health considerations:
Additional comments:
Contact information, (name, email & phone):

Location and construction plans
The new studio and gallery space located in Springdale Ohio is under renovation now. Creating and planning of the creative environment for painters and thinkers is no easy task. Planning phase is finished, construction, plumbing and electrical work is ahead of us. Donations of any amount are welcome to help us reach our goals.

 Phase 1 – Construction Begins

Sneak Peak at the Studio – Creative Underground


I hope you had fun with my intro movie about my new studio as I did. If you look closely you can get a sneak peak of the studio. Just trying to figure out the best way to design the space is a challenge. The space will require a sitting area for demonstrations and talks. Walls to display new thinking. People always enjoy gathering around food and sharing thoughts so I will need a kitchen area. A think tank discussion area for people to meet with a few bistros tables and chairs would be nice. Good work space for artists with controlled lighting.

I am still working through this but these are a few of my thoughts. I would like a location that respects the artist and their use of time. Providing genuine instruction verses hearsay and scuttlebutt concepts. No smoke and mirrors, just honest talk that will motivate thoughtful penetrating critiques, great thinking with a plan to the finished product.

What would you like to see? What would help you most?


Daryl Urig’s Creative Underground Studio

The Creative Underground is my new studio space in Springdale Ohio. A place of artistic inspiration for artists and associates to come and get the imaginative juices flowing. Share fresh ideas in painting, with eco-friendly materials along with a structure of responsible decision-making. It is my working studio where I will be able to instruct workshops and weekly classes. My hopes are that it may evolve into something motivating for artists .



My New Studio Space

These two paintings will be on display at my new Gallery/Studio! I am So excited.

My View, 24 x 30 inches, oil on panel

















My Wiggly "Stache", 26 x 22 inches, oil on panel




















My current home studio space is tiny and I have just recently acquired a new studio space. Yahoo! This is a new experience for me.

My new studio space is over 1000 square feet. It needs some renovation that I will begin next week. It is located in Springdale Ohio just off of 275 in Cincinnati. I am looking forward to spreading my wings and painting knife in the new space with all of the possibilities it will provide. Having a space where I can paint, teach classes, have workshops is just too hard for me to imagine.

I would like it to be a place of creative inspiration for other artists and associates where they can get the creative juices flowing. Share new ideas in painting, fresh thinking, eco-friendly materials along with a structure of responsible decision-making.

I would like to name my studio. What do you think of the name, “Creative Underground”?