Fire at the Lake House

Fine Art Can Be A Fine Investment

I have always been an investor, investing in Fine Arts Oil Painting for the long-term gain of value and the expression of life. My oil paintings are my legacy. All will be worth much more after my death. But those with an eye for the upcoming artist, a great value right now. What if I […]

Renaissance man

Moving into the Holiday Season – Thankful

You can learn from almost anything you do if you take time to reflect and evaluate. Putting together my “Renaissance Man, over a decade of fine arts oil painting” exhibition taught me a lot about myself. Observing in one show for the first time the varied directions I chose to move in just over a […]

Daryl Urig, Renaissance Man, Over a Decade of Fine Art Oil Paintings

 I kept hearing these two words as people would whisper under their voice when they walked away. It is usually not a good sign but in this repeating incident, it was. It happened so frequently that I had to look it up and see what it meant. “Renaissance Man”. Renaissance Man is a person […]