Mommy, Do you Love Me?(Scary Mommy)

Mommy, Do You Love Me? Oil on panel, 3 x 5 feet

This painting painted itself. It had a mind all it’s own. Title: ” Mommy, Do you love me?”. To all the women and little girls who were raised with an abusive mommy. All they ever wanted was a small amount of positive attention and assurance of their mothers love. The dark environment represents the eminent doom around them of unacceptance. The bright flowers are the child’s spirit reaching out in hope of love.

Since my original post, I have done a little more reading and see that this abuse can be called “Scary Mommy”.  This just breaks my heart.
My Mother struggled with and mentally abusive Mother. Life is hard enough and to be shackled with this too is a lot for anyone to overcome. My Mother is one of the strongest women I know. At age 90 she still can put the rest of us to shame. Go, Mom, never let anything stop you from becoming all you can be. I learn so much from you every day. Your loving son.
If you did not have to deal with this growing up be thankful. It is one more thing you can be thankful for today.
Her parents owned and operated a greenhouse. She still loves gardening to this day. Gardening with exuberance. She had a very loving father.