The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled, takes me to Oldenburg Indiana where I painted with another plein air painter friend. Here it was like a trip back in time. Reminding me of the old barn structures of my grandfathers farm in Avon Ohio. In Oldenburg you will find the street signs to be in English and German their native language.

Taking the road less traveled in art and or life can be problematic. It has not been traveled before, or if so, seldom-ly, so you don’t have history to gauge your progress or lack of it. Major hick-ups can jump out at you without advance notice.

What it does provides is freshness and new avenues to explore.

I try not to paint to another painters vision of what painting is. Or impose unnatural rules created by some other painter. I choose to work from sight and my personal experience or interpretation of what I am looking at. Schooling myself in color, design, a form of structural anatomy and more fluid perspective. My eyes do not see all of the straight lines provided by linear perspective. Keeping as much as possible to my intuitive, non intellectual side of my brain. Assembling rules or a more solid direction to create more predictable results. If it does not work for me, then I can not use it.

Simplify, simplify, simplify, my eyes tell me I can not see everything at once. One area of focus sets everything else to abstraction. It is all abstract, then the mind assembles it for each new viewer making it their very own story. The fluid painting is an ongoing animation constantly changing in the viewers mind.

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© 2013 Daryl Urig

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