I have enjoyed my time in the South

My Old Fishing Hat, 18 x 54 inches, oil on panel

I have enjoyed my time in the South putting on workshops, attending events on Hilton Head Island and Georgia, exhibiting my work in Sea Pines and at Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, Walter Greer Gallery, painting with my new friends of the Low Country Plein Air Painters while enjoying new scenic vistas.

My Old Fishing Hat (Study), 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel

This next week I will be in Darien GA for a workshop and Art in the Park, coinciding with the Blessing of the Fleet on April 13 and 14th, 2013. Being an exhibitor there will be a new experience for me. My set up took weeks in planning and preparation. Many of my new paintings from my visit will be on display.

Above is a study and final painting called My Old Fishing Hat. A compilation of my experience and visuals of the southern docks where shrimp boats and onlookers enjoy the waters with whatever travels are need. The study was painted on a 9 x12 inch board and the final completed at 18 x 54 inches.

Marsh Overlooking Port Royal Sound, 12 x 16 inches, oil on panel

Also included is one of my many low country marsh paintings. Not as simple as they look. Many attempts are necessary to capture the low country puff mud, marshy grasses and ever changing water passages as the tide rises and falls. Color is amazing in the early morning.

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© 2013 Daryl Urig

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I found Paul Cézanne’s mountain

Considered the father of impressionism and father of cubism. For me he is the father of plein air painting. Directing us in one thought, to uncover the riches before us.

See Cézanne went to his back yard to paint almost every day. From his large back yard his main focus was a mountain. They later referred to it as Cézanne’s mountain since he plein air painted it so many times. Every time trying to catch a little bit more of its charm, its innate characteristics that would describe it as art.

Each day something must have changed. A color, the density of the atmosphere, the moisture or the rain soaked ground. Like in life, everything keeps changing and some things can remain constant. His mountain was constant to him.

My mountain turns out to be a marsh or low country area in Bluffton South Carolina. Part of my winter backyard for three or four months of the year. In the warm sunlight or cool moist morning air the light and the colors continually change everyday on the marsh. The water, the tall grass, the puff mud and the tall trees in the distance all add to the painting.

It does not get tiresome, but richly yielding of its unlimited source of art. I am ever in awe of God and how he could create something so amazing that we as painters will spend our life trying to capture even some small fragment of its character. If imitation is the greatest compliment then painters are forever trying to compliment Gods magnificent creation.

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© 2013 Daryl Urig

Pelicans Perch – 24 x 48 inches, based on plein air field studies

Pelicans Perch is based on a number of experiences and field study paintings and sketches I have had here in the Carolina. Below is the final 24 x 48 inch wide oil on panel painting painted with exclusively painting knives. Plein air field studies and sketches below that.

You have to enjoy the climate, color of the light in the morning and picturesque mood here. There is almost a painting in any direction you look. As the artist we need only to put it together.

Pelicans Perch, 24 x 48, oil on panel

Pelicans flying sketch

Pelican Perched, 9 x 12

Field Study: Low country marsh, 9 x 12

Field Study: Bluffton Oyster Factory, 9 x 12

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Plein Air in the Carolinas

I enjoy plein air painting more each day. I had the privilege of painting in South Carolina. In Bluffton, Spring Island and the Spring Islands Tabby Ruins. The water and the climate make it a very enjoyable location to paint the field studies I am showing below.

One day the No-see-ums, I tiny bug with huge teeth got to me and helped me hurry one sketch, but besides that it was a refreshing experience. Leaving in just a few days, then returning to the region in January.

Below are 9 x 12 inch plein air field studies completed in about one hour each with a painting knife to capture light before it significantly changed. Changing light is one of the challenges a plein air painter experiences.

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