Fine arts oil painting is a scientific experiment.

Who Me? The Fine Arts Oil Painting.

This painting, like all my paintings, is a Fine Arts Oil Painting Scientific Experiment. What happens if I do this, what happens if I do that. So I enjoy experimenting and learning. I hate being predictable or running the same play or routine countless times on a painting. This would make me insane. Remember the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Well, I steer far away from that.

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Going Green – Healthy Painting

I want to focus on being healthier this year. It has always been my concern but I need a concentrated effort if I expect change.

Morning Sun, 9 x 12, painted with M. Graham oil paints and painting knife

I can affect my physical health by a few good choices. Exercise; eat more vegetables and less animal products.

My painting also has physical aspects. How I stand and move as I paint. The paints and mediums I choose.

I have chosen to use M. Graham paints that are healthy for my paintings and me. Made from vegetable oil. They are ingredients that have been around since the old masters.

Students have told me how liberating these paints are for them. No more odors and headaches or migraines from the mediums and brush cleaners they used to choose. The walnut oil paint pigments are the easiest colors to mix and use.

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Seeing color and developing your artistic eyes

Well I was very wrong about Ohio color. It took me to traveling the United States on my American Workshop Tour to see the colors I have back home.

I tell my students this all the time, when we start to see, and develop our artistic eyes, it does not just happen. We continually improve our seeing over our lifetime. At least this has been my experience. What I saw a year ago was very nice, but every so many months my awareness to more accurate color is enhanced. I do spend a lot of time at the artistic gym, so these seeing muscles, if you may, are getting a good workout.

So in my recent field color studies of farm houses and country, here in the Ohio Valley the blue sky seems more grayed with a purplish cast. Horizon colors have subtle oranges and colors in the landscape seem to glow in all types of different directions within a restricted color pallet.

M. Graham Oil Paints, Ultramarine Violet with a touch of Payne’s Gray and Ultramarine Blue seemed to be the perfect color choices for my Ohio Valley blue sky. M. Graham colors seem so vibrant and pure.

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