Looking Forward to the New Year!

I am so looking forward to a new year of painting workshops across North America. With old acquaintances from past workshops and meeting new energetic painters that want to grow their abilities.

Lots of great locations for artists to retreat and refresh their creative energies. Warm climates in the cold time of year. Cooler weather for the hot and roasty times of the year. Cool breezes from a marsh or sea to refresh the air. Western getaways for the cowboy or cowgirl in everyone of us.

Starting in Florida, flying to California then back to the Carolinas and Georgia for a workshop. Catching up with some of my boyhood love of the west in Texas. Then returning to the coastal areas of South Carolina, Rhode Island, New Jersey and The Hamptons. I have always loved the water and allure of boats. I will then travel north to Vermont.

Flying out of the United States to Kelowna BC (the westernmost of Canada’s provinces) a charming and picturesque area. Staying west in Utah for 2 amazing workshops capturing my love for the Wild West. I loved those old cowboy movies and shows and they come to life here for me. Enjoying the beauty of Oregon, moving to the North Central region of the United States to a hidden area in Wisconsin.

I am so looking forward to the experiences and growth we can enjoy as painters in each others company. To me these are life experiences and opportunities I will cherish through my life. I will be doing what I truly love, painting, instructing and inspiring other painters in life and art.

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Coming Home to New Jersey

It has been many years since I lived in New Jersey. I lived here just after I graduated art school and had my first job in a publishing company designing and illustrating book covers. So it was a bit like coming home.

Words like charming and picturesque are well chosen words to describe the area of Ocean County Artists’ Guild in Island Heights, New Jersey near Toms River. If you like not pumping your gas and having full service with low gas prices, charming water and nautical views with beautiful sunsets and feeding mute swans you will enjoy this area and the community that nourishes it.

The Studio Painting Knife workshop, concepts and approach was accepted and embraced by this savvy group of eastern painters, an hour or so from New York City.

Please enjoy the photos and paintings.

Chill’in by the docks, 18 x 24 inches, oil on panel

6 x 8 inch, Study

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It helps to do a color study – Let’s Set Sail

 I know it seems faster to skip steps in painting. They are not always needed. Many times when I do a preliminary color study or smaller painting, it just helps to point out all the troubled areas of the painting so I know where to concentrate my problem solving energies.
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Shem Creek & Kiawah Island Workshops

Charleston has so many magnificent scenes to offer the painter.

From the low country waters of Kiawah Island’s wildlife to Shem Creek’s colorful life with people boating.

The painters where open to developing new painting skills.

Daryl gives you permission to bring your own self, background, experience and enlarge on id with his direction – A mark of a great teacher.
Patricia Huff, Charleston SC

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Forrest’s Landed Shrimper Boat

I photographed this boat at the same location as the Bubba Shrimp Co. was in the Forrest Gump movie, in South Carolina on my trip to the Carolinas last year. I am returning this month, in March 2012 to present workshops down the coast on my National Tour.

This Nautical painting was completed as a demo for the Queen City Art Club at the Manor House in Cincinnati Ohio at the end of February 2012. Creating subtle color and rich textures using entirely a painting knife.

The boats and the water are a deer subject matter to me since I grew up on the Great Lakes.

I enjoyed the company, comments and interest of the club. Many enjoyed the fact that I use M. Graham’s Walnut Oil and that I do not use any turpentine or Gamsol with my oil paints. The glisten of walnut oil and the colors I can achieve are prized.

The Walnut oil can be used as a medium and brush cleaner and I personally feel this is healthier as many students have mentioned being able to paint with oils and not gaining headaches that the usually accompany turpentine cleaners.

6 x 8 inch, oil on canvas panel – purchase painting here


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Andrew Wyeth is my inspiration. “Shrimp Boat run aground”.

Lots of color in an earth tone painting.

I have always enjoyed Andrew Wyeth, my favorite of all the Wyeth painters. Born in 1917 and died in 2009 at the age of 91, truly an American Artist.

I enjoyed his simplistic, almost sepia tone approach that added charm and unity to his paintings. To me his works was well thought out with an abstract quality, but he was classified as a Realist Painter.

Going for this charm I set out on this painting to simplify its colors to more earth tones. But what I quickly found out that even in an earth tone type painting, subtle color shifts are paramount.

16 x 20 inches, oil on panel – visit web-store gallery


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