Introducing my New Book: “Painting Knife Explained”, by Daryl Urig

I am so excited about this. Many of you have been asking me to write this book. Here it is. Painting Knife Explained, with many useful step-by-step demonstrations, painting examples, benefits, plus exercises to develop knife agility. It explains the basics to mature concepts to artfully painting with this tool. It will help bring your […]

Nicolai Fechin, Russian-born American Painter – Original Oil Painting Blog by American Oil Painter Daryl Urig

One of my favorite painters, Nicolai Fechin, Russian-born American Painter that lived from 1881-1955 had some very great concepts in a letter he wrote: He says, “It is impossible to limit art by any definition or requirements. Art, like the whole of our life, submits to the eternal law of change. To argue about art […]