Rembrandt may have something to say about solving your artist direction for painting.

I was always frustrated with myself that I had no one way of doing things when it came to painting. It seemed like every time I would start a painting I would set up a new agenda, target, goals and path to accomplish this and of course allow for discovery along the way.

It was not till reading recently that I have come to some resolution about this topic.

I found that Rembrandt was considered eclectic with his artistic approach. Never preceding the same way on purpose, but always proceeding in whatever way would best accomplish his goals. This seemed more like me.

So if you are frustrated with not having one process, one look or solution. Know you are not alone, like Rembrandt you are just trying to solve the artistic equation in the best way you know how.

Does anyone else have this same frustration? Has this helped you?

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