Hill House Arts Retreat Spencer IN

fun in sun set-up
fun in sun, 12 x 16 inches, oil on panel

Had the pleasure of visiting Hill House Arts Retreat in Spencer Indiana this past weekend. Got a bit of plein air painting in. Enjoyed talking with the local artisans. There is talent everywhere I visit across this great country of ours. Read an article on the front page of the Spencer Evening World.

The painting shown her was developed on location using only painting a painting knife. I am exploring a concept in painting I have named “Optic Sensationalism”. Please see other articles I have written on this topic. Simply stated “Optic Sensationalism” takes into account how we truly see optically, then balancing in our emotions or sensations about it. Included is a strong emphasis on design and gestural paint.

Here is a quick overview of my new book Painting Knife Explained.

It may be purchased here: Click

1    Introduction

2    Why the painting knife?

3    Grace

4    Getting Organized

5    Supplies

6    Paints

7    Mark Making

8    The Painting Knife

9    Painting Knife Strokes & Marks Defined

10   Wet into wet painting

11   What do I paint?

12   Getting the feel of paint on your knife

13   Cutting

14   You Can Do This

15   The Edge

16   Pear Exercise – Getting into the paint

17   Textures and Direction in Paint

18   Reminiscent

19     Epilogue

Hill House Arts Retreat, Spencer Indiana




Easy Rider on Red Chopper – Optic Sensationalism

Happy New Year! I have enjoyed painting this painting of the motorcyclist and like starting the New Year this way. Letting my imagination and thoughts collide in what I am calling Optic Sensationalism.

From early on in my boyhood I have always enjoyed the visual and thoughts that accompany riding a motorcycle. The Easy Rider movie and the choppers they would ride makes my mind runs crazy with all sorts of thoughts and associations.

Optic Sensationalism is a liberating exploration in painting
It is a visual snapshot, emotions and associated memories. Not on what it is. Or is to others. It is how things affect the painter.

The visual snapshot
A quick glance captures only abstract shapes of light and dark. As if I was opening my eyes for the first time. Nothing to relate anything to but oh wow this is amazing. I cannot comprehend every detail in a single glance. Only a small portion, the rest the mind fills in with whatever it has in memory.

Easy Rider on Red Chopper, oil on panel, 48 in. w x 42 in. H

Our emotions do affect our painting. If you don’t think emotions affect painting simply paint a painting on these three days and compare for yourself. Paint on a very good day, a bad day and an angry day. You cannot help it. Emotions come through in a painting.

Associated Memories
Any thoughts you may have leaned or experienced about the topic you are painting. It is very personal.

Easy Rider on Red Chopper
$6 000.00