In art as in life there is a need for a new perspective on learning

Learning is a gift we sometimes overlook. To take a fresh perspective on learning, try teaching someone something. When they get it you will quickly see the amazement and appreciation upon their face. Like a young child we learn about the beauty of creation. Noticing for the first time a birds’ distinctive chirp or a flower that resonates its’ scent. We understand the simple things of life are beautiful and thought provoking.

When we stop learning or being the student of life, we stop moving forward and stagnate. Then life seems less interesting, more conflicted and even hypocritical because we have lost our vision to discover new ideas and fresh approaches.

If we think we have all the answers and need no one else to enlighten us, or are so self sufficient that we can answer any question we may have just fooled our self. When we think we know it all we begin shutting out new life or answers and direction.

Life is constantly changing as our physical bodies, emotions and perceptions do. What we may have thought as a constant truth years ago today may change. If we are open to new understanding today we may see that what once may have served us well is not sufficient any longer in today’s world.

So learn something new. Acknowledge your humble inexperience and begin to open up your life again. It will exhilarate your life and those around you.

I have spent a lifetime uncovering and exploring what fine art painting means to me. Many teachers and experiences have guided my path.  What I am offering you is the opportunity to learn, learn, and learn.

You have an opportunity to learn on July 6, 7 and 8, 2015 or September 7, 8 and 9, 2015 the Art of Painting in my studio, Daryl Urig’s Creative Underground in Springdale Ohio.

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This 48 x 42 inch panel is the fiddler in progress by @darylurig

I was truly blessed in Norcross Georgia

I was truly blessed in Norcross Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. Staying with Jeannie and Dr. Bob Fortin (originally from California, you know I enjoy Californians), parents of retired pro football player Roman Fortin. Really nice people.

The town of “Old” Norcross is a quaint old town that has plenty of charm, close to the railways with a mild winter for this Lake Erie Ohio boy. The restaurants where fabulous with plenty of food from the Blue House to Mojitos, The Tavern, Cafe 45 and Paizanos’ for lunch.

We started late week with a demonstration and book signing of my new book, Plein air Painting for Everyone. The following week, a full week workshop at Kudzu Art Zone.

The energetic painters where thirsty to understand new things and how to paint with a painting knife. We worked in many creative ways to describe the facets of the new tool and how to paint gesturally with the knife. Developing color studies and learning to match color accurately with Acrylics or eco-friendly M. Graham Oil Paints.

Abstract artists to representational and decorative all developed their toolbox at this workshop on my National Tour. Taking them through my design process and how to build a finished painting. Budding some very fine paintings from photos, self-expression and personal interpretation. No two people or artists are the same.

Red Chimney, Oil on Panel, 18 x 54 inches

We are discussing and planning a return workshop in “Abstract Painting and Contemporary Still Life” next year to continue their development and understanding of painting.

I learn so much when I travel. This group of painters knew how to live life and treat people in a very comfortable way. I am already missing my new found friends. This always happens to me when I leave a workshop. Like coming home to visit old friends from elementary school, the bond is forever.


Dayl Urig has an easy style that communicates sound principles with creative enthusiasm. He tries to understand the students individual learning and shows ways they may cultivate it. – Jeannie Fortin, Kudzu Art Zone, Norcross GA

If I walk away with nothing more but mastering the skill of painting the vertical’s it will be a successful workshop. – David Raderstorf, Kudzu Art Zone, Norcross GA


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Demo and Book Signing Sun City HHI, SC

Apple on Plate, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel


It was a very large group of artists and spectators who came to by New Book Signing and Painting Demonstration in Bluffton South Carolina. My New book,  “Plein Air Painting for Everyone” shows how easy it can become to paint out doors using a painting knife or brush. The advantages of Plein Air painting are very valuable to the painter. The book may be purchased online from my website or on For the demo I used Eco-Friendly (Green) paints from M. Graham and a painting knife working from a still life.

The advantages of a demonstration are that the viewers get a deeper understanding of the process of developing a painting in a controlled setting. Verses just seeing a finished painting and wondering how the artist arrived.

The questions and enthusiasm of the audience where appreciated. Signed books are always a novel collectable for artists.

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Alpena Michigan’s at Art in The Loft – Painting Knife Workshop

I was in Alpena Michigan’s at Art in The Loft this past week instructing a painting knife workshop with a group of dedicated painters that embraced the new tool in the studio and out in plein air paintings.

If you like light stations or lighthouses you will love Michigan because they have more light stations than any other state.

Art in the loft has some wonderful supportive staff, Brooke, Liz and Sarah that helped to make it a joy to instruct the workshop in their beautiful space.

Presque Isle Light Station New, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel

Presque Isle Light Station Old, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel

Alpena Light Station, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel


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Coming Home to New Jersey

It has been many years since I lived in New Jersey. I lived here just after I graduated art school and had my first job in a publishing company designing and illustrating book covers. So it was a bit like coming home.

Words like charming and picturesque are well chosen words to describe the area of Ocean County Artists’ Guild in Island Heights, New Jersey near Toms River. If you like not pumping your gas and having full service with low gas prices, charming water and nautical views with beautiful sunsets and feeding mute swans you will enjoy this area and the community that nourishes it.

The Studio Painting Knife workshop, concepts and approach was accepted and embraced by this savvy group of eastern painters, an hour or so from New York City.

Please enjoy the photos and paintings.

Chill’in by the docks, 18 x 24 inches, oil on panel

6 x 8 inch, Study

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Hangin’ by the dock

We had a lively fun group at the Cincinnati Art Club in Cincinnati Ohio this past weekend. It was the get out of the box workshop, painting with painting knives in a studio set up. We painted from photos emphasizing the importance of doing a rough preliminary painting study before beginning in on a final exploratory painting.

There is so much to learn from a preliminary study. Many found it gave them the insight of what not to do, and what to do better in the final. Some found they could be loser with a study, and then tightened up when they tried to create a painting. Seems to be a heavy pressure on painters. “Creating a painting”.

I emphasized developing patience with yourself and the painting. Treating it more like an exploratory journey as they respond with accurate and good information. Not putting down statements that where only misjudgments with the thought that it can be changed later. More importantly, make good decisions that help to build more good choices for a successful outcome in a painting.

Hangin’ by the dock, 18 x 24 inches, oil on panel
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I really enjoyed the workshop.  It was laid back and relaxed and you didn’t come across with a big ego like a lot of workshop leaders do.  You didn’t take up time trying to sell your work either.  I liked the fact that we could see your painting in progress and see how you made decisions and what your struggle was too.  Your suggestions to me were good and helped me improve my paintings. I appreciated the little tips too–like using walnut oil and alkyd walnut oil.   Thank you again for accommodating my church schedule.
– Mary Jean Weber, Cincinnati Ohio

Daryl did a great job of explaining the preparation and application of paint using knife techniques.  His care in executing studies from reference material was a learning experience for me!
– Larry Sparks, Cincinnati Ohio

Thank you Benton for posing for this picture. Larry I like your idea of the seagull ringtone.

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Lowcountry Garden – An Abstract Impression

I had a vision for this painting from the very start. This was unusual for me to have it so clearly in my mind before painting on my primed panel. I wanted to have all of the abstract qualities of a painting and hold some resemblance to the original image. It is what I am considering calling abstract impressionism.

Created exclusively with a painting knife and M. Graham products, the painting was attacked with intense drawing with a painting knife while applying colors of paint. I attempted to keep the painting very fluid and then refined the painting to my original concept.

I wanted the viewer to enjoy the painting as only an abstract piece of art and if they had and then enjoy pulling out some realistic resemblance of life. In my opinion, everything is abstract to the painter; it is only in ordering abstractions that we provide a glimpse of reality.

Lowcountry Garden, 18 x 24 inches, oil on panel purchase painting here

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Sun City Hilton Head Island, SC – Get Out of The Box with Painting Knives

What a fun group of painters I found in Sun City Hilton Head, Bluffton SC. Or they found me. We had a very energetic time trying to get out of the box, using painting knives, many for the first time.

One man changed so dramatically; on arrival his paint style was tight and controlled and when he left on his Harley I could see his pony tail swinging in the wind as pulled a wheelie, well that is what I remembered anyways Dick.

We had new painters, experienced painters, people that came needing support because of tragedies in their personal lives. I am always blessed when by painting we can accomplish so very much.


I really enjoyed your workshop. It was a busy two days, relaxed and informative at the same time. I came away with new insight into the painting process, plus tools that I feel will improve my work. Your style was challenging, without being intimidating. The workshop was a great value and I would highly recommend it.
– Bob Sefton, Sun City HHI, Bluffton SC


Daryl is an excellent instructor who knows where each student is in their development and how to guide and encourage improvements. – Dick Snell, Sun City HHI, Bluffton SC


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