Fine arts oil painting is a scientific experiment.

Who Me? The Fine Arts Oil Painting.

This painting, like all my paintings, is a Fine Arts Oil Painting Scientific Experiment. What happens if I do this, what happens if I do that. So I enjoy experimenting and learning. I hate being predictable or running the same play or routine countless times on a painting. This would make me insane. Remember the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Well, I steer far away from that.

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Hill House Arts Retreat Spencer IN

fun in sun set-up

fun in sun, 12 x 16 inches, oil on panel

Had the pleasure of visiting Hill House Arts Retreat in Spencer Indiana this past weekend. Got a bit of plein air painting in. Enjoyed talking with the local artisans. There is talent everywhere I visit across this great country of ours. Read an article on the front page of the Spencer Evening World.

The painting shown her was developed on location using only painting a painting knife. I am exploring a concept in painting I have named “Optic Sensationalism”. Please see other articles I have written on this topic. Simply stated “Optic Sensationalism” takes into account how we truly see optically, then balancing in our emotions or sensations about it. Included is a strong emphasis on design and gestural paint.

Here is a quick overview of my new book Painting Knife Explained.

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1    Introduction

2    Why the painting knife?

3    Grace

4    Getting Organized

5    Supplies

6    Paints

7    Mark Making

8    The Painting Knife

9    Painting Knife Strokes & Marks Defined

10   Wet into wet painting

11   What do I paint?

12   Getting the feel of paint on your knife

13   Cutting

14   You Can Do This

15   The Edge

16   Pear Exercise – Getting into the paint

17   Textures and Direction in Paint

18   Reminiscent

19     Epilogue

Hill House Arts Retreat, Spencer Indiana




Introducing my New Book: “Painting Knife Explained”, by Daryl Urig

I am so excited about this. Many of you have been asking me to write this book. Here it is. Painting Knife Explained, with many useful step-by-step demonstrations, painting examples, benefits, plus exercises to develop knife agility. It explains the basics to mature concepts to artfully painting with this tool. It will help bring your painting to the next level.

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As a painter, adjunct professor, art lover and author I feel I have opened the sacred seal on the hidden benefits and creative factors of the painting knife.

Benefits of the Painting Knife

  • The painting knife amplifies my method of painting.
  • It helps me keep things simple and uncomplicated
  • Perfect for Wet-on-Wet, or Direct Painting where I frost a layer of wet paint on top of previously applied wet paint.
  • The color I mix and apply to my panel does not get muddled
  • Expressive dimensional character of paint
  • Sharp edges and very thin lines are a snap to paint
  • One knife can replace a handful of brushes
  • Easy clean up with the wipe of a paper towel
  • Inexpensive
  • Will outlast a brush
  • Works well for plein air or studio painting
  • Figurative, portrait, landscape or still life

I started painting with the painting knife when I was 16 years old. I enjoyed it very much. During high school I won the Hallmark award in a regional competition for painting.  Then after I painted with the brush for a few decades till I rediscovered the significance of the painting knife. Funny, the perception is that if you are going to paint use a brush.

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Many prominent Master painters have painted with the painting knife. For instance Nicolai Fechin and Joaquin Sorolla did. My preference for the painting knife came from experimentation with the tool.

Please enjoy my new book.

Daryl Urig