Going Green – Healthy Painting

I want to focus on being healthier this year. It has always been my concern but I need a concentrated effort if I expect change.

Morning Sun, 9 x 12, painted with M. Graham oil paints and painting knife

I can affect my physical health by a few good choices. Exercise; eat more vegetables and less animal products.

My painting also has physical aspects. How I stand and move as I paint. The paints and mediums I choose.

I have chosen to use M. Graham paints that are healthy for my paintings and me. Made from vegetable oil. They are ingredients that have been around since the old masters.

Students have told me how liberating these paints are for them. No more odors and headaches or migraines from the mediums and brush cleaners they used to choose. The walnut oil paint pigments are the easiest colors to mix and use.

Please see my website for more details and schedule a workshop in your area and GO GREEN.

Open Media Self-Portraiture and Understanding the Human Face – Cincinnati Art Club

This past week Urig taught a Self-portrait Workshop, The kick off Workshop for his National Tour beginning this year, at the Pendleton Location for the Cincinnati Art Club. One of the oldest Art Clubs in the Nation established 1890. The workshop met with great enthusiasm from participants. Urig began the workshop with examples of self-portraiture painting through history. Hands on demonstration of understanding the proportions of the human face. Painting and sketching demonstrations to help the artist better understand concepts of the human face and exercises to deepen the artist skills. Finishing off with a self-portrait demonstration and providing ample time for the artist to begin developing a self-portrait. Many of the students had never attempted portraiture or even self-portraiture and found the workshop to be extremely beneficial. One testimony reads: Very good workshop. Covered basic artistic anatomy to advanced painting and drawing techniques. Daryl was very patient and thoughtful. Good explanation of concepts. – Dr. Michelle Andrews The portrait shown here was developed with a charcoal sketch on 11 x 14 in. gessoed panel finished with M. Graham Walnut Oil an Oil Paint.

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