If you graduated with me from Avon Lake High School, in Avon Lake, Ohio, you may not remember this gentleman. Even if you went to the school you probably would not see him unless you took an art class. Then be lucky enough to draw him as your instructor. If you played basketball you probably […]

Getting ready for a plein air event

The Creative Underground brings helpful advice to the painter. This week we interview a plein air painter coming back from a plein air event. We discuss very practicle ways to get ready for a plein air event. What to remember, what to review and what you may experience. I hope this helps further your carrier […]

What is Plein Air Painting? Think Tank live discussion on January 6, 2015

This was exciting! What a great perspective for new and experienced Plein Air Painters. The Creative Underground brings you a live discussion with a panel of plein air painters that describe what plein air or outdoor painting is about. The benefits to your art and personal life. What to expect and how to participate in […]

Let’s get on the Path to better Plein Air Painting.

We need a better voice or avenue for a clear and less encumbered presentation for plein air painters. I am proposing an online representation of Plein Air Painters with the Heart and Spirit of the painter, Cezanne. Whom I believe, is the father of modern art and innovation along with renewing plein air thinking. Plein […]

Thank you, Loveland Arts Council and the Shades of Summer 2014 Plein Air Paint

It is always a humbling honor when other painters pick your painting to be best of show. I just did not know what to say. Thank you Loveland Arts Council and the Shades of Summer 2014 Plein Air Paint Out for selecting me. There are a lot of scenes that just will not work in […]

Leisure Painter, January 2014 article by Daryl Urig

  I was very pleased when Leisure Painter Magazine picked up my article on “Copy habitats not paintings” and a plein air still life demonstration I provided. The magazine was recommended to me by one of my students. It is a very fine publication. I was very impressed with the teaching in this magazine. My […]

The Perfect Fine Art Painting Gift

Christmas has always been a special Holiday at our home. It is a time to enjoy family and friends. Gifts are shared from a willing heart, reminding us of our Savior that received gifts on his birthday. I have enjoyed meeting many of you in my workshops. Always hating it when we have to part. […]

Urig’s Quarry

I just finished this biography on Cezanne. It was nice to get such a personal view of what was happening with the Impressionist that surrounded Cezanne’s life. He was the father of Impressionism, Cubism and Modern Art. Quite an accomplishment for a man that was considered an eccentric, son of an honorable banker, wasted his […]

The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled, takes me to Oldenburg Indiana where I painted with another plein air painter friend. Here it was like a trip back in time. Reminding me of the old barn structures of my grandfathers farm in Avon Ohio. In Oldenburg you will find the street signs to be in English and German […]

Plein Air Workshop & Art in Park Exhibition, Darien GA

  Everywhere I go I learn as much as much as I give away in my workshops and artistic experiences. Here in Darien Georgia during the week of the Blessing of the Fleet, the blessing of the shrimp boats before they go out for the season had much to share with me. The fine people […]