Introducing my New Book: “Painting Knife Explained”, by Daryl Urig

I am so excited about this. Many of you have been asking me to write this book. Here it is. Painting Knife Explained, with many useful step-by-step demonstrations, painting examples, benefits, plus exercises to develop knife agility. It explains the basics to mature concepts to artfully painting with this tool. It will help bring your […]

It is not just about painting pretty pictures

Most people think this is what art is about. But it is not. It is so much more. Unfortunately many beautiful paintings are never seen, and most painters wait for someone to notice them. All aspiring artists need to develop a brand and promote themselves continually through shows, workshops, exhibits, advertisements, business cards, flyers, email […]

Daughter of the Light

Being an American Artist, allows me to use my work to reflect on my upbringing in the heartland of American farming: Avon, Ohio. Religion was important with my upbringing. It was not always completely understood or upheld, but there was a wholesome thread of Christianity. The fears and hope of being a Christian gripped me. […]