The unimpeachable rock, President Trump

The unimpeachable rock, President Donald Trump, widely known as Trump. He is rock solid, unmovable in his insights and thoughts as he attempts to lead the American people.

Hard to deny… he is still here. Could you have gone through what he has? He has not deserted us. His family and life ridiculed.

This Fine Art Oil Painting is for sale.
18″ w x 24″ h, oil on panel, commemorating a very important time in history. Prints are also available for a limited time.

President Trump, Stars and Stripes

President Trump, Stars & Stripes, oil on panel, 4 x 4 feet

When I first published this painting I knew I was not done with it. Something about the stars kept calling me back to it. Back then this made little sense to me. Now with the whole NFL fiasco of not kneeling and respecting those who serve our country, it makes complete sense.

The stars need that extra touch, set of importance. Other tweaks to the figure were also made to clarify form. Now completed it gives me a great feeling of pride.

Still, a secret phrase is in the background. Can you tell me what it says? And then one word that I feel is at the core of our political problems is below the phrase.

On Display at Daryl Urig’s Creative Underground Studio