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Trailer – Painting with Your Eyes

 Shadowed Structures

Facing the Light


Old Stucture

Took my painting Buddy with me today, Marcel.

Find a good place to paint plein air paint

Work and Toil

An eye opening experience – Ohio

Burn the learning exercises or dud paintings

Young Painters – Young Picasso’s – Big concepts

Seeing color and developing your artistic eyes

It bothers me that some painters say that you should paint only where you live.

 2 DVS to help improve your plein air painting

A Quick Demo for Urig’s Plein-Air Nautical Workshop

Cape Cod School – Massachusetts Painters on My National Workshop Tour

I was fortunate to stay 2 days in Maine.

Coming Home to New Jersey

Old West or Wild West and Maynard Dixon Experience

Had a Good Catch

Hangin’ by the dock

Plein Air painting in the Black Mountains of North Carolina

Painters – Be all that you can be

Gray Heron – Spring Island SC

Done for the Day

Old Man by the Sea

Woman in Rocky Stream

Hoist the Sails – Painting in the Carolina’s

 It helps to do a color study – Let’s Set Sail

Sun City Hilton Head Island, SC – Get Out of The Box with Painting Knives

Shem Creek & Kiawah Island Workshops

Woman in the Desert

Forrest’s Landed Shrimper Boat

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Woman in the Desert

What an awesome time with wonderful people in Palm Desert CA, with wonderful people, in an area that has so much to offer.

The workshop helped painters to develop a process from taking pictures of a figure in a landscape setting, selecting a photo for painting, not all photos make good paintings to design, color sketch preliminaries and the then the final figurative painting.

The students quickly gained confidence, brush/painting knife control, color mixing, seeing what  to be aware of in a painting and as one said, reinforcing the basics while making the advanced easy, thanks Joe.

I felt we all grew close in this short time together. Like a much-needed retreat, doing what we enjoy, painting.

The Woman in the Garden workshop was hosted by Deb Mumm at Venus Studios in Palm Desert, CA.

Enjoy the pictures and paintings.

Upcoming workshops in California

I have been asked to plan a workshop before Thanksgiving 2012 on Intro to Self Portrait. Please contact me early if you would like to attend, I have commitments for half a class already. I like to keep the classes small so everyone gets good attention and understanding of information. This is a good first step towards figurative and portrait painting.

Hope to see you next year on my return to California for a Workshop titled Woman in the Desert – Canyon. I will expand on this figurative/landscape workshop to also include paining rocks with a painting knife.

Woman in the Desert, 9 x 12 inches wide on panel, purchase here.

Testimonials from workshop

I have taken many workshops – this was the best. I learned so much – I can be an artist after all.
– Carole Lintner, OR

I have learned so much. Daryl reinforced the basics, but went into advanced while making it easy.
– Joe Wheatley, CA

I thought the class Woman in the Desert was fabulous, we learned so much from Daryl. He is a terrific teacher – very clear instruction was given. He’s very encouraging. I highly recommend him as a teacher.
– Patti Howard, Vancouver B.C.

Information on Workshops & Locations
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Summary of past blog posts:

A Short Demo for Urig’s Self-Portraiture Workshop – YouTube Video

Open Media Self-Portraiture and Understanding the Human Face – Cincinnati Art Club

Urig Demo with Cincinnati Water Color Society on Self-Portraiture and Understanding the Human Face

2012 National Workshop Tour – Dates & Locations Schedule

Docked Clam and Shrimp Boat

Not far from the path, but on a Journey

DVD – Candid Conversations while Urig Paints a Southern Home

Andrew Wyeth is my inspiration. “Shrimp Boat run aground”.

Beauty Matters? Comments?


Summary of further past blog posts:

A Short Demo for Urig’s Self-Portraiture Workshop – YouTube Video

I enjoy immensely the workshops I teach, the enthusiasm of the artists, the new excitement they gain from the new things they have learned and of course meeting the artists.

It hard to put into words or picture what the Self-Portrait and Understanding the Human face workshop is about in its entirety. And if I was able to do this, there may be no reason for you to take one of my workshops, unless you where just wanting some face time and some hands on coaching from an experienced instructor.

There are many exercises I take you through to gain very important knowledge along with practical instruction in a way designed to help artist remember information.

So below in part, is a YouTube Video I have put together for you called: A Short Demo for Urig’s Self-Portraiture Workshop. Please enjoy. I hope to see you at one of my workshops on my National Tour.

See dates and local workshop offerings in your area here:

< Read more about self-portrait workshop

Information on Workshops & Locations
© 2012 Daryl Urig

Open Media Self-Portraiture and Understanding the Human Face – Cincinnati Art Club

This past week Urig taught a Self-portrait Workshop, The kick off Workshop for his National Tour beginning this year, at the Pendleton Location for the Cincinnati Art Club. One of the oldest Art Clubs in the Nation established 1890. The workshop met with great enthusiasm from participants. Urig began the workshop with examples of self-portraiture painting through history. Hands on demonstration of understanding the proportions of the human face. Painting and sketching demonstrations to help the artist better understand concepts of the human face and exercises to deepen the artist skills. Finishing off with a self-portrait demonstration and providing ample time for the artist to begin developing a self-portrait. Many of the students had never attempted portraiture or even self-portraiture and found the workshop to be extremely beneficial. One testimony reads: Very good workshop. Covered basic artistic anatomy to advanced painting and drawing techniques. Daryl was very patient and thoughtful. Good explanation of concepts. – Dr. Michelle Andrews The portrait shown here was developed with a charcoal sketch on 11 x 14 in. gessoed panel finished with M. Graham Walnut Oil an Oil Paint.

< Read more about self-portrait workshop

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Bluffton Oyster Company – Plein Air Workshop

I agree with Vincent Van Gogh – I am rich

It is nice to meet interesting people when you travel.

It is nice to meet interesting people when you travel.

I love to push paint outside of the lines. – Out of the box

I love to push paint outside of the lines. – Out of the box

Native American

It is a humble occupation being a painter

The CSI Approach to Painting

Development of – Woman on Beach : Looking for Sea Shells

Woman on Beach : Looking for Sea Shells


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Woman on Beach : Looking for Sea Shells

Woman on Beach : Looking for Sea Shells, Oil, 24 x 36 inches

Purchase paintings at web-store gallery

Workshops: Self-Portrait & Get Out of the Box with Painting Knives

© 2011 Daryl Urig

Woman in the Garden : The Vineyard

To me the garden has a fascination that evolves around the beautiful garden of life and the paralleling the garden of the nude woman (Eve) when Adam must have first saw her. The purity of life and love, dwelling in the garden, life as God intended us to all enjoy.

The painting was developed from numerous photos, color studies and an experimental development of the painting, adapting the design and ingredients of the painting as I was able to get closer and closer to my original vision.

Unlike my other paintings till this time, I was able to paint with the painting knives as suited me, then using a brush to paint in areas that required a softer edge or glaze with Walnut oil.

The face was not important for me because I felt that the image spoke for all woman.

24 inches x 36 inches tall, oil on canvas panel

© 2011 Daryl Urig


To Purchase this painting go here

So why do artist enjoy painting the nudes?

I am guessing it is because this is the most perfect and valued thing God has created. It is us, and in His image and it is life.

God created us without clothing (nude) and never meant us to ware any clothing from what I can tell. Clothing unrolled after the fall or expulsion from Eden is what we are told in Genesis. Before the supposed bite of apple, probably another fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, and we had no understanding that we where naked or nakedness existed before this.

But I choose to paint nudes not naked(s). Nudes are not naked but pure as God intended. At least this is my take. Yes painting a nude is probably the hardest thing to do well, or the greatest challenge. But for me it is more a reverence of the creators and this wonderful form we enjoy called life. Please don’t ever over look this.

A side note: I understand that in our culture naked has taken on a life of its own with what I would consider beyond the original intent or design. But please don’t confuse the initial innocence God intended. Even take a look at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or visit an art museum if that is closer.

To the pure all things are pure. (Titus 1:15)

© 2011 Daryl Urig