9 x 12 in. Oil Painting Studies Sale

I am making more room in my studio by having a 9 x 12 inch oil painting studies paintings sale for $225 each. Hundreds of paintings from my plein air and workshop tour, my books and more. I need the room, so all paintings are on a first come first serve basis. Starting August 27th till August 31st 2018 at my studio in Springdale Ohio, inside of Cincinnati, or online. Includes free shipping inside USA. Call 513.708.7981 to let me know you are coming to studio or for purchases.  It is a great time to change your decor and own an original oil painting.

Studies show the bare bones of creativity as the artist develops his craft. They are essential for the artist to learn, grow and develop.

2 is a pair
Lighthouse, Light Station?
Utah, Zion National Park and Hudoo’s
Gorman Heritage Farm
Ohio Rural plein air studies
Murray’s husbands’ boat, fresh paint
Seaside Pareidola Studies
Figurative Studies on Beach
Anything can be art studies
Spring Island Workshop Still Life Demo Study
Low Country Marsh Studies at dawning light
Captain Benton, SC portrait












Leisure Painter, December 2014 article by Daryl Urig – Figure Work

Rhythm and Motion on Beach, oil on panel, 24x55in. (140x61cm). This is a purely gestural painting, focusing on movement. In figure painting the more elusive your subject is, the better. A side view or even a back view is welcome; the face is not the target.

I was very pleased when Leisure Painter Magazine picked up my article on “Figure Work” that discusses a few different approaches in capturing a figure in paint. Included are outdoor painting studies. It is a very open minded magazine that provides a range of concepts for the painter.

The magazine was recommended to me by one of my students and I have had the pleasure of writing three articles for them in 2014. Thank you.

It is referenced as the UK’s best-selling learn-to-paint magazine.

Leisure Painter December 2014

Please pick up a copy or purchase one online to read the story here:


Many people have asked me, “Why a National Tour?”

My top four reasons are that I love painting, teaching, people and traveling.

Years ago I read a Biography of Thomas Hart Benton. I was so impressed with his road trips and how he would be inspired by the American people to do these magnificent figurative paintings.

I have always been absorbed with painting the figure. I could just mall watch people for hours they are so fascinating.

Traveling can be so eye opening. You get to see new things that truly move you. At the same time you see that artists are not all that much different from one another. When I come back home I appreciate what I have and sometimes see more than I saw before. You can miss things in your surroundings by being too familiar.

When I teach, I don’t hold anything back, and always get back more than I ever am able to give.

It is not for money. I did it for the love of the four things I before mentioned. We only get one shot at life. I don’t want to waste a single minute of it.

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2013 First Brush of Spring Paint Out, New Harmony IN

Urig painting Banjo Player in New Harmony IN 2013

I enjoyed my experience at the New Harmony IN 2013 Plein Paint Out. I met a number of colorful figures that visually demanded me to paint them. These gentleman where very interesting to talk with and rich at heart and experiences in life. The first day I had the pleasure of painting Gerry Barker a bullwhacker or wagoner. Had what I would complete pioneer campsite with wagon and bulls. The second day was cold, I had the pleasure to come inside and listen to Howie play his banjo and guitar as I painted him (see below).

Howie Clark (HClark@TwinRocker.com), shown in my painting and soon to join where, Brian Lappin, Rick Wilson & C.W. Mundy. I just sat next to C.W. and listened in amazement to this impromptu group of talented players. I enjoy live folk music.

There where many sites to see in this charming small town and people came from all around to see the painters work, some as far as Chicago. They had a fascinating visitor center where I met a cattle man and his wife and all of their pioneer camp supplies (see painting). I would like to paint a larger painting from this plein air study.

There was plenty of sites for the plein air painters to choose from. I enjoyed meeting new acquaintances and talking with old ones. Interaction and artistic feedback where appreciated. One very nice young woman tried to help me name my painting classification or movement as fre·net·ic, wich could mean wildly excited or active; frantic; frenzied. Or fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way. I like to think i am controlling it some. Please leave your comment.

Banjo Player
guitar player
Guitar Player
Dueling  Bangos
Dueling Bangos? Left: Howie Clark, Brian Lappin, Rick Wilson & C.W. Mundy
Urig plein air painting pioneer camp
Urig plein air painting pioneer camp
Pioneer Camp
Cattle Man
Country Structures, New Harmony IN
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National Workshop Tour - View locations and Dates of 2013 Workshops

It bothers me when artist are so sure of himself or herself!

Trying to explain why this does not look like all my other paintings, I wrote this.

It bothers me when artist are so sure of himself or herself!

I see so many artists trying to say this is the way or that is the way. For sure, for the artist, there is no one-way.

Maybe I would have made a better chemist or scientist; I seem to enjoy the scientific law to explore.

Wikipedia Says: A scientific law is a statement based on repeated experimental observation that describes some aspect of the world.

That is what I feel painting is about, repeated experimentation or exploring, based on observations that describe some, hopefully, new aspect of art, grounded on the natural world with the artist interpretation.

With this in mind, no one ever fully completes the race; there is always more to investigate. For better and a lot of times for worse.

So don’t fret if your paintings don’t all look like they came out of a factory. And every homogenized stroke does not resemble the one before it. Explore… and see what you can gain in learning. Move beyond what others have said is the bar. You may find what everyone was looking for in the first place. So many settle for less.

In all fairness, I did learn much from this painting. When I chose to venture out and let go with some artistic restraint I tried some things that I have always wanted to try but never got around to. Amusing how many good ideas float in our heads and we just ignore them.

The real painter humbles himself and looks at everything with a fresh eye.
For him every painting is a journey of discovery.
– Henry Hensche, The Cape Cod School

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Alpena Michigan’s at Art in The Loft – Painting Knife Workshop

I was in Alpena Michigan’s at Art in The Loft this past week instructing a painting knife workshop with a group of dedicated painters that embraced the new tool in the studio and out in plein air paintings.

If you like light stations or lighthouses you will love Michigan because they have more light stations than any other state.

Art in the loft has some wonderful supportive staff, Brooke, Liz and Sarah that helped to make it a joy to instruct the workshop in their beautiful space.

Presque Isle Light Station New, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel

Presque Isle Light Station Old, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel

Alpena Light Station, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel


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It bothers me that some painters say that you should paint only where you live.

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Summary of further past blog posts:

Find a good place to paint plein air paint

When you find a good place to paint plein air you want to continue to return to it. To discover all the vista will yield. I am particularly enjoying the play of colors on the structures. Painting from the shadow side gives a more interesting play of shapes.

Lost but not forgotten, 9 x 12, oil on panel

Morning Sun, 9 x 12, oil on panel


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Old West or Wild West and Maynard Dixon Experience

The old west has always been dear to my heart. I was raised with TV folklore of my era, the Old West, even the Wild West. As a child and then older adult it helped me to create great visuals about our past. My visit to Maynard Dixon’s home and studio, was like coming home.­ Like Maynard I was not from this area and chose to come and paint it.

The retreat, the artistic experience, the paintings, the terrain and climate, was a very pleasant experience that I will probably cherish for a lifetime. My hosts, Paul and Susan Bingham, who opened their home and vision to me and my group of painters, has influenced each of us greatly in very different and personal ways.

I hope to find just a few of you who are looking for something real, to join me next August in 2013 at the Maynard Dixon property and begin a workshop I am calling “Paint the West”. Please sign up early to secure a limited space here: http://www.darylurig.com/workshop-calendar.aspx

I am placing below a some photos of the terrain and field study paintings (plein air studies) from my visit. Please enjoy them and post your comments and or experiences.

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Hangin’ by the dock

We had a lively fun group at the Cincinnati Art Club in Cincinnati Ohio this past weekend. It was the get out of the box workshop, painting with painting knives in a studio set up. We painted from photos emphasizing the importance of doing a rough preliminary painting study before beginning in on a final exploratory painting.

There is so much to learn from a preliminary study. Many found it gave them the insight of what not to do, and what to do better in the final. Some found they could be loser with a study, and then tightened up when they tried to create a painting. Seems to be a heavy pressure on painters. “Creating a painting”.

I emphasized developing patience with yourself and the painting. Treating it more like an exploratory journey as they respond with accurate and good information. Not putting down statements that where only misjudgments with the thought that it can be changed later. More importantly, make good decisions that help to build more good choices for a successful outcome in a painting.

Hangin’ by the dock, 18 x 24 inches, oil on panel
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I really enjoyed the workshop.  It was laid back and relaxed and you didn’t come across with a big ego like a lot of workshop leaders do.  You didn’t take up time trying to sell your work either.  I liked the fact that we could see your painting in progress and see how you made decisions and what your struggle was too.  Your suggestions to me were good and helped me improve my paintings. I appreciated the little tips too–like using walnut oil and alkyd walnut oil.   Thank you again for accommodating my church schedule.
– Mary Jean Weber, Cincinnati Ohio

Daryl did a great job of explaining the preparation and application of paint using knife techniques.  His care in executing studies from reference material was a learning experience for me!
– Larry Sparks, Cincinnati Ohio

Thank you Benton for posing for this picture. Larry I like your idea of the seagull ringtone.

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