Tips for a Contemporary Painter, Hardback Book, by Daryl Urig

Tips for a Contemporary Painter, Hardback Book
Tips for a Contemporary Painter, Hardback Book

My new hardback book “Tips for a Contemporary Painter” has just been published. The book outlines how we can develop a “Painters Code” to help rid our profession of myths and half-truths and promote good artistic thinking.

It is the painters’ companion book. It delivers to any level of painter good practical advise, foundational insights, a way to get your thoughts in order and finally as a creative catalyst providing a huge amount of inspiration. It will revolution and progress your painting.

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Tips for a Contemporary Painter



Seeing – Can I really see?

As painters whom want to represent some aspects of what we see, seeing, or making observations with our eyes is very important.

I always assumed I could see. Being an artist we are very sensitive to everything around us. We are much more aware of visuals that others may overlook.

What I have found in my development, as a painter is that seeing is always increasing. What I could see 10 years ago was so limited to what I am able to see and either resemble, respond to or capture in my paintings now.

The one thing that has helped me to observe better is the difference between squinting and scanning. I go into detail in my workshops and book Plein Air Painting for Everyone, in the observation section. I am not sure every painter understands the richness of color and values that lie before us in natural observations of an outdoor scene.

The colors I now see are so much more vivid than I was able to understand years ago. It seems to be constantly improving as I train myself in outdoor landscape painting. We like to use the French term Plein Air painting, it means the same thing.

The importance of Plein Air painting is the training it freely provides if you are willing to be its’ student. Cezanne mentions that any serious painter should paint outdoors. Since he was the father of impressionism and modern art we should give him a listening ear if not both of our eyes attention.

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Color and Contemporary Still Life – Seeing Color – Sun City, SC












It is fun to paint. But wouldn’t it be fun to see and paint the correct color?

That is what this group of fine painters in Sun City South Carolina discovered at the Color and Contemporary Still Life Workshop this past week. Using seeing techniques I  showed students how to see color where they where unable to see color before. It takes some time. You could her a student say “where did that color come from, it was not there before”. That was the moment seeing began for that painter.

Object color in the light, on the shadow side,  reflected color, color where you never saw color. How to best capture this in paint on your canvas. It effects every painting you will ever paint in studio or plein air.

Janice above wanted something that would change her painting and believes she found it in this workshop.


You only think you are painting if you haven’t taken the time to study color! Color and Contemporary Still Life is must do workshop if you are interested in how color will improve your work.
– Rose Nigro, Bluffton SC

Daryl knows how to stretch the artist to achieve while maintaining a positive and productive atmosphere.
– Janice Mathes, Bluffton SC

Plein Air Group Starting
Sun City Painters please see Rose Nigro if interested in joining her group of plein air painters that meets on Wednesday mornings.


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Seeing color and developing your artistic eyes

Well I was very wrong about Ohio color. It took me to traveling the United States on my American Workshop Tour to see the colors I have back home.

I tell my students this all the time, when we start to see, and develop our artistic eyes, it does not just happen. We continually improve our seeing over our lifetime. At least this has been my experience. What I saw a year ago was very nice, but every so many months my awareness to more accurate color is enhanced. I do spend a lot of time at the artistic gym, so these seeing muscles, if you may, are getting a good workout.

So in my recent field color studies of farm houses and country, here in the Ohio Valley the blue sky seems more grayed with a purplish cast. Horizon colors have subtle oranges and colors in the landscape seem to glow in all types of different directions within a restricted color pallet.

M. Graham Oil Paints, Ultramarine Violet with a touch of Payne’s Gray and Ultramarine Blue seemed to be the perfect color choices for my Ohio Valley blue sky. M. Graham colors seem so vibrant and pure.

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