Moving into the Holiday Season – Thankful

You can learn from almost anything you do if you take time to reflect and evaluate. Putting together my “Renaissance Man, over a decade of fine arts oil painting” exhibition taught me a lot about myself. Observing in one show for the first time the varied directions I chose to move in just over a decade. You can still see this exhibition, by appointment only, through the end of this 2018 year.

Renaissance manThe exhibition showed me a lot about myself that I may have not realized otherwise. Then to share it with collectors and friends is priceless. One thing that is overwhelming for me is the thankfulness I feel and appreciation to do what I do in this great country of ours. We have so much freedom to express our self. We can always be thankful each day that we are alive, our friends and family are alive and that we can pretty much achieve anything we wish to focus on if we choose not to give up.

Moving into the Holiday Season is an exciting time of the year here at the Urig Family. I hope you take time to enjoy the many reasons for the seasons as we pass through the upcoming days. Do not let it slip away unnoticed. Or get caught up in things that change our focus from what really matters most to us. You can fill in the blank here to tell yourself what you want to do most and best to finish up this year as an amazing time in your personal history.

D.J. Urig

We are privileged

Reflecting over the life we all are privileged to live. Each of us unknowingly enjoying the creative benefits of those who came before us that contributed to our “life”. Who fought for our freedom, made the journey to America’s, invented electricity, a Christmas song, thought of a Nutcracker, painted the painting “Starry Night”. So many creative inventions to make our life better, safer, more enjoyable, warmer in winter, we have so much to appreciate each day of our life. Donald Deskey invented plywood, who invented the 2 x 4” to build our homes with? Disney gave us Mickey Mouse. The list goes on and on.

Makes you think, what will I be able to contribute to this great thing we call life.

What do you appreciate? What do you want to do?