A Western Look

These paintings express my feelings about the west. From what I see, to what I have experienced and what I grew up with as a western TV show or movie. The expression is probably subconscious thoughts that are going on in my present life. There is always something going on in our personal life. Now more than ever, turbulent cultures here in the USA do to COVID and politics.

You may see in these paintings that they have a rough fluid look. You would be correct. It is what makes painting truly fun for me. Painting by site versus some formula or intellectual measure. With the swipe of a brush, I can change a shape by adding to it, or over-paint to subtract from a shape. On a flat panel, it makes sense and becomes believable.

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Old West or Wild West and Maynard Dixon Experience

The old west has always been dear to my heart. I was raised with TV folklore of my era, the Old West, even the Wild West. As a child and then older adult it helped me to create great visuals about our past. My visit to Maynard Dixon’s home and studio, was like coming home.­ Like Maynard I was not from this area and chose to come and paint it.

The retreat, the artistic experience, the paintings, the terrain and climate, was a very pleasant experience that I will probably cherish for a lifetime. My hosts, Paul and Susan Bingham, who opened their home and vision to me and my group of painters, has influenced each of us greatly in very different and personal ways.

I hope to find just a few of you who are looking for something real, to join me next August in 2013 at the Maynard Dixon property and begin a workshop I am calling “Paint the West”. Please sign up early to secure a limited space here: http://www.darylurig.com/workshop-calendar.aspx

I am placing below a some photos of the terrain and field study paintings (plein air studies) from my visit. Please enjoy them and post your comments and or experiences.

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