Woman in the Garden : The Vineyard

To me the garden has a fascination that evolves around the beautiful garden of life and the paralleling the garden of the nude woman (Eve) when Adam must have first saw her. The purity of life and love, dwelling in the garden, life as God intended us to all enjoy.

The painting was developed from numerous photos, color studies and an experimental development of the painting, adapting the design and ingredients of the painting as I was able to get closer and closer to my original vision.

Unlike my other paintings till this time, I was able to paint with the painting knives as suited me, then using a brush to paint in areas that required a softer edge or glaze with Walnut oil.

The face was not important for me because I felt that the image spoke for all woman.

24 inches x 36 inches tall, oil on canvas panel

© 2011 Daryl Urig


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