A Painting a Day, Day 7, by Daryl Urig

Seven days of painting. A painting a day. I never thought it would be this much fun. After thinking about this project I thought it would be nice to do paintings in many different directions. I have this opportunity to see what people most like, why not try and see.

Painted a lighthouse for a friend, a house on a trip to Clifty Falls, a woman walking a dog on the way to the beach, an old downtown street and a young girl at the beach making a drip castle. Snap shots of life.

Below are the first 7 days of my “Daryl Urig’s 31 Days, 31 Paintings, Online May Auction”. You may bid online here: http://darylurig.com/auction.html Opening bid is $70. Paintings are oil on panel, 4″ t x 6″ w. Free delivery in USA.

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image 1 image 1 image 1
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