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Please see the rotating text above for some ideas on what I may coach on. It is always expanding to artist needs. We can design the program together. Very simple, we set up a 30-minute time slot for a Zoom call talk or show and tell. Can be set up for individual, weekly, or monthly recurring talks. Prepayment by Venmo. Please email me here:, subject Coaching.

1 Time Slot – $60

4 Time Slots – $220

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Ask for a workshop at your facility by texting me here: 513.708.7981




Healthy Painting
Painting Knife & Brush
A Realistic to Abstract Exploration – Daryl Urig

Author of the best book on painting with a painting knife, “Painting Knife Explained”.



The three common-sense books I wrote with you in mind. To help with your artistic adventure


Painting Knives Explained, is simple to read with vivid instructions. It is the book I wished I had as a young painter. I published this book to help artists who want to understand painting with a painting knife. Sometimes called a palette knife. Well-Illustrated and explained tips from a master painting knife instructor, based on years of study.

Landscape painting for everyone

The titled book, Plein Air Painting for Everyonecould be called Landscape Panting in Your Own Back Yard. The book starts your painting in this familiar area next to your house. Before venturing out to unknown areas, start in a place familiar to you. This book has practical advice on how to set up your easel, paint brushes, paint color choices, canvases, and carrying cases so you are ready to paint.

tips and tricks for the contemporary oil painter

Tips for the Contemporary Painter could have better been called The Artist Code since it debunks many miss teachings that can hinder the artist/painters’ personal growth. This is a talk between you and me. It is personal talk that gives you a lifetime of information on how an artist may view things. With any information given, if it works keep it, if not discard it. The broad topics discussed should answer most of your many questions and open you up to ideas you may have not even considered. It is the basic book all artist must read.


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