Heart Healthy Sex Life

Like kids, we still do not like someone telling us what to do. We are not even sure doing healthy acts will work for us. I understand. This book is intended to make being healthier fun, your choice for life, enjoyable, even pleasurable as you develop a passion for healthy living. You could even say, “loving yourself back to health”. A simpler, less encumbered life of doing what is important for you as an individual. You are in charge of your life.

I wrote this book after my open heart surgery 2 years ago. A quad bypass. A lot has happened since then. One thing is to be public with this book. Not sure if it was my feelings of being afraid to share my physical condition with my heart, or something else.

I must have been in shock for those first two years. I was always moving forward, but it was by true grit. I guess death scared me more than I have ever thought it would. Only now coming out of it. Getting back in shape. I have to Thank Pickleball and VShred. I did his home exercises for 3 months, not enough, on my second time through now. Gaining back my upper body strength lost from the MAJOR Surgery. Oh gosh, I was so low. At death’s door.

Hope you see the value in the book and it helps the man inside of you, or your man next to you. Without my Doctors research and publishing of his manual, this book would have never been possible. I wanted the information to be easier to understand with some fun illustrations I drew. It is up to you what you do with your life. Make it awesome.




One of my fun illustrations on junk food

My Western Life

From my experiences and thoughts over the last few months in Arizona, I have painted scenes from the American West. Something I have always wanted to do.

High-Quality Prints are showcased in home settings so you may see how they may be used. In an office, large hallway, den, living room to a man cave. When you click on the link you will be taken to a PRINTS page where you may view them with many other options. If you need any help you can always text or email me. Click Link Here

A Western Look

These paintings express my feelings about the west. From what I see, to what I have experienced and what I grew up with as a western TV show or movie. The expression is probably subconscious thoughts that are going on in my present life. There is always something going on in our personal life. Now more than ever, turbulent cultures here in the USA do to COVID and politics.

You may see in these paintings that they have a rough fluid look. You would be correct. It is what makes painting truly fun for me. Painting by site versus some formula or intellectual measure. With the swipe of a brush, I can change a shape by adding to it, or over-paint to subtract from a shape. On a flat panel, it makes sense and becomes believable.

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The Journey


A lot of people tell me that they enjoy the symbolism I use in my paintings. This painting is almost all symbolism. It is about our journey in life, thus called “The Journey”. What a boring life it would be if all of our lives where the same, preplanned or mapped out. For me The Journey is more like an interactive book that is written as we go by our choices and sometimes consequences for our actions.

Isha Yoga

Life has begun to unfold in grander ways lately as I have embraced Isha Yoga and Inner Engineering with a brilliant Guru or Mystic named Sadhguru. He is very strikingly logical, coming at things in the most practical ways that make him one of the smartest people I have ever come across. Not trying to sell him here, just saying that he helps me to get past most of the trash that used to constantly recycle through my head. Now with less trash going in or coming out, I am able to see things a little more clearly. It is a grow as you go experience.

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Artist in the canvas

When I stated my rough sketch before painting this painting I noticed my shadow on the steps and thought it may be a good thing to keep in the painting, my shadow. This is where the title of the painting comes from.

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Book: Heart Healthy Sex Life

I started writing this book after my open heart surgery last year. Horrible experience I hope none of you ever have to go through. After this, I read my doctor’s book called “Your Heart Manual” about heart health and some surprising finds that he uncovers in his research. From countless researches all over the world, they are saying, sex can help your heart.

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