“Why Am I Broke”, by DJ Urig

I am very excited about the information in this illustrated children’s book. This is too important and valuable for kids growing up today do not have this. It can not be hidden any longer so I am publishing this book. Why miss out on life? It was never shared with me in High School or even College and your kids are probably not getting it either. It possibly passed you by as well. You may be wondering, “Why Am I Broke”!     Google Preview of Book

Why Am Broke, Book by DJ Urig
Why Am Broke, Book by DJ Urig

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“Recommended for children in grades 4 through High School, adults benefit from these time tested principles as well.”

Why Am I Broke
Why Am I Broke

This book will help kids understand basic principles and the possibility to obtain a financially stable future.

No matter what profession or direction a child may choose for their life, money is the one thing that we all have in common.
Having it or not having it can be a very powerful force in life.

My hopes are that the illustrations in this book will help kids gain a sound money management perspective. It is up to the individual choices, plan, discipline and follows through beginning at an early age that will help decide the outcome.  Google Preview of Book

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We are looking for parents with young children. A good starting age is 11 or 14 years of age and above and all children and parents are welcome.

The choice of illustration in this book was chosen to give kids of all ages an enjoyable opportunity to respond and learn. Illustrations by D.J. Urig

Author, Financial Services, Daryl Urig

About the Author
Daryl Urig is an accomplished Author and works in Financial Services. Considered by his colleagues to be a “Renaissance Man”. He has taught as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati for over ten years and Academic Coordinator of a 4-year program he created. His teaching style is unique and penetrating. He enjoys teaching and helping bring children (the future) to the next level of financial thinking in hopes to improve their opportunity for a bigger slice of life.

Fire at the Lake House

Lately, I cannot really state an exact time, but lately, my paintings seem to go off in any given direction of style, technique or discipline. I may start in one direction in my mind, come before my canvas, almost directed to another approach that begins familiar and ends in uncharted waters. I do not even know how I got there and wonder if I could reproduce this approach again.

Fire at the Lake House

The painting is the exploration ground. It is not boring. It is not a formula, it is entirely me. I wonder how I may organize them in a show, though that does seem to work itself out. Like in my most recent showing, “Renaissance Man”, so many different painting directions covered in a ten-year life span. Now my paintings are becoming even more different from one another like many different painters painted each one. Like wondering who will I be today. Very liberating painting approach and at the same time intimidating in a very good way.

This painting is from a regular scene photo I shot almost 15 years ago. From my hometown of Avon Lake, Ohio, I had a lot of good memories growing up. This was home for me for many years. I liked this view and remember swimming here many times growing up, it was a cool place to hang out.

So this painting continues as I notice a glowing yellow light on the front of the house. Liking what I saw, the yellow glowing light of morning I decide to keep it. Moving to trees, rocks, some good, some things that will need more work, then the flat perfect colored winter sky. Keeping with those winter colors I see in my mind.  Then flat colored water that stated a quiet stillness and calm, much nicer than the busy photo. Made me think of one of my favorite painters, Andrew Wyeth, and also a friend I went to art school with, Dean Mitchell.

Visuals are strong in my mind. Sometimes I need to close my eyes so I am not studying every form, color, light, shadow, texture or pattern. I am always a painter. Even when I am helping clients in financial services, my other occupation that does provide me a momentary visual break. Then I come back even stronger visually, like a lion deprived of its’ prey. More clear to distinguish and see things stronger.

Hmmm, where is this painting taking me? So I mute the house and trees even more to emphasize the glowing yellow light, I want to play upon the grass in front of the house. I will use my painting knife, just to scratch in some highlights on the peaks of the thick paint at this location. Oh, s_ _ _,  that is too much paint. Wait, look, that looks like the perfect flames of a growing fire. That is at home with everything around it, even the muted area behind it looked like smoke. Oops, burn baby burn, I am feeling better, even laughing, and therapy has emerged from my painting experience. When I was growing up Lake Erie did catch on fire, wonder if that is it?

Now I am playing with the rocks. Faces begin to emerge from them like my Pareidolia series of paintings. I love rocks and painting them. I do not need faces here. Or do I? Playing with texture and color of the rock, glazing, then I scumble in color into the glaze. Later scratching in lines with steel wool so other rocks match the texture created with my rough brushwork, spatters of color from a toothbrush. What the heck am I doing? This is not how I paint. I know there is still more to come. I am okay to rest, let the painting settle and dry some as I lay it flat so the walnut oil glaze does not run.

M. Graham oil paint is so versatile. The more I paint with it, the more I learn what it may yield. I like the Walnut Oil they are made with. No turps for me. Hated their odor, even odorless turpentine gave me a headache. Healthy paints made with Walnut Oil is for me. I wash out my brush in Walnut Oil, then Murphy’s Oil Soap, then Essential Oil soap my wife gave me. My brushes seem to last longer this way.

Each time I come back to my panel different things happen. Like returning to a book that you have no idea how the plot will end. There are so many different possibilities.

A commitment as a painter to paint, diligently for a lifetime before the canvas is starting to yield its subtle truth. You cannot get this by someone telling you to do this or that. It is only from the experience of self-exploration and lots of mistakes. Plenty of failed paintings.

I never wanted to copy a painter. I would allow my self to be inspired by different painters, but never a copycat. My thought is; I should accomplish something that is mine. To add to the greater legacy of art that is handed down to each generation. Like life, there is no end to the possibilities we can accomplish if given the commitment and focus of attention.

Returning to paint the rocks, wanting to add some detail while maintaining the large dark mass with a highlighted soft transition on top.

I could not hide the ravenous beast faces of Pareidolia emerging from the rock structure. The man laid rocks where used to protect the shoreline from erosion. When they raised the level of the lakes years ago, many lost land along the lake. Rocks and stone became a poor shield against the very cold, even brutal beating waves of Lake Erie. Each rock took on a face devouring the next with one main leader out front.

This break walls fought the violent waves we experienced in Avon Lake, Ohio. Protecting the shoreline some from erosion. One day the waves could pull you under with the undertow and another day the water could be perfectly calm. In winter the water was a smooth glass of ice close to shore. Another day it could look entirely different.

You could say I had a tremendous healthy respect for the water, its’ dangers and joys it provided. Maybe this is what has emerged from this particular painting experience.

The rocks needed more work. The drawing of the rock shapes needed to lead the eye in with a believable perspective. The light and darks were not working as strongly as they could, so this was reworked also. The water in shadow cried out for me to make it a cleanly drawn shape.

I was determined to not give up on this painting, quit too early or leave unresolved areas. I had to make this work as a whole. Then I signed my name on the bottom of this cold realism painting. Finished.

Finding My Way

This painting is one of my new paintings in the series I am developing on “Meditation”. I am calling it “Finding My Way”.  Anyone in sports, sports medicine know of the healing powers of Yoga and the meditation that may accompany yoga.

Finding my way, 24″ x 24″

Meditation is a very interesting, individual, self-discovery path. You learn a lot more about the goings on in yourself, more than you ever thought possible. What is so interesting to me is that it can be different for every person. So for me, I include a lot of prayer and thanksgiving at the beginning of meditation. Then wherever it takes me after that, maybe feelings, thoughts and in this instance an image or experience resembling this painting.

I had always wondered how monks could spend so much time in prayer. I have a hard time stopping meditation, it is so fulfilling.


In 2019 – Gallery Space for Small Private Events

Gallery Space:

You have a vision, and we have the ideal gallery for small gatherings in a unique artist gallery experience. You are closing an important deal, planning a rehearsal dinner, marking an anniversary, or celebrating with friends? Relax and enjoy the time with your guests! May include a discussion on art gallery exhibition or painting demonstration of attendee, with lots of time to socialize. We help you design your evening.

Current Exhibition: “Renaissance Man” is a person who has wide interests and is expert in several areas. Daryl Urig has exhibited and been called this by many of his patrons. This kind of extraordinaire with over 15 new directions of art explored in just over a decade of painting. More than 30 select original gallery framed fine arts oil paintings. Come to this once in a lifetime Gallery Event and be prepared for an eye-opener in the Visual Arts.

Healing Power

Fine Art Can Be A Fine Investment

I have always been an investor, investing in Fine Arts Oil Painting for the long-term gain of value and the expression of life. My oil paintings are my legacy. All will be worth much more after my death. But those with an eye for the upcoming artist, a great value right now.

What if I could hypothetically say a painting of mine today listed at $10,000 could be worth $250,000 in a short while, to gain $1.2 million in a forthcoming auction? Could you say you had an eye for talent and make the purchase today? Or would you rather kick yourself for not trusting your heart and intuition and moving forward investing a little for great gain? It is up to you.

Please visit my Renaissance Man Exhibition at my gallery through the end of 2018. By appointment only. 513.708.7981

Moving into the Holiday Season – Thankful

You can learn from almost anything you do if you take time to reflect and evaluate. Putting together my “Renaissance Man, over a decade of fine arts oil painting” exhibition taught me a lot about myself. Observing in one show for the first time the varied directions I chose to move in just over a decade. You can still see this exhibition, by appointment only, through the end of this 2018 year.

Renaissance manThe exhibition showed me a lot about myself that I may have not realized otherwise. Then to share it with collectors and friends is priceless. One thing that is overwhelming for me is the thankfulness I feel and appreciation to do what I do in this great country of ours. We have so much freedom to express our self. We can always be thankful each day that we are alive, our friends and family are alive and that we can pretty much achieve anything we wish to focus on if we choose not to give up.

Moving into the Holiday Season is an exciting time of the year here at the Urig Family. I hope you take time to enjoy the many reasons for the seasons as we pass through the upcoming days. Do not let it slip away unnoticed. Or get caught up in things that change our focus from what really matters most to us. You can fill in the blank here to tell yourself what you want to do most and best to finish up this year as an amazing time in your personal history.

D.J. Urig

Daryl Urig, Renaissance Man, Over a Decade of Fine Art Oil Paintings

I kept hearing these two words as people would whisper under their voice when they walked away. It is usually not a good sign but in this repeating incident, it was. It happened so frequently that I had to look it up and see what it meant. “Renaissance Man”. Renaissance Man is a person who has wide interests and is expert in several areas. My one friend told me years ago that I had the largest toolbox of anyone he had ever met. One of my past employers told me my sign should say I can do it all. I only wish I could, but I do not like to limit my expertise in any one area for too long a time. In my painting, I like to explore as many facets as I can. Not limiting myself to one look or design. In my Gallery Opening Exhibition and 9-minute video on my YouTube Channel, I provided a good cross section of 15 facets I explored in over a decade of painting.

Renaissance Man, Fine Arts Oil Painter
Renaissance Man

Opening Exhibition is Saturday, October 27th at my Gallery in Springdale Ohio from 4 to 7 pm.  At Daryl Urig’s Creative Underground, Yorkhaven Professional Plaza, 430 Ray Norrish Drive, Springdale Ohio. By appointment through 2018.

“Renaissance Man”. See how the story unfolds. My first rebirth, with many to come…

On the Road

Change and fears are probably the best two words to describe this painting series. What would my new life look like, recently divorced? “On the Road”, series of paintings in hindsight had many insights into past and future events in my evolving life. Beyond that, it seemed to represent my fears of driving on the road and unsettled life of leaving my first wife and finding my new life. In grays and limited color, a rebirth from the first painting to the last visually documents my physical and mental transition.

Gods’ Voice

Color full in contrast to On the Road, simply stylized depictions of Gods footprint in my life representing He is walking with me. His omnipotent power is ever present even when things are completely unclear.

Keepsake Portraits

A portrait is supposed to tell us something about the person. My idea was that the things we keep in our junk drawer in the haste of life tell us something more. What things will we keep verses throw away, tells us something much deeper about our psyche. Three images, painted from my junk drawer collection, if you want to call it that. What does your drawer tell about you?

Woman in the Garden

A series of fine art oil paintings about my new wife Robyn. Colorful, beautiful, elegant in many different situations she projects the essence of Woman in its most beautiful form. Maybe howl Adam first saw Eve.

Moments Before the Return

Three small paintings illustrating the still quiet moment just before the return of Christ. (Wouldn’t that solve a lot of people’s problems quickly?) Looking forward to that moment when everything makes sense with us and the universe. The moment the air stops, the color of the atmosphere and light, one more moment and He is here. Game over.


Guess I will be here for a while

There are certain road scenes that depict the heart and development of our country. Those quite souls that are the backbone of our great country. This is a scene I saw driving home from college many times.

Historic Sites

I have been drawn to old historic locations for many years. It may be more about the thoughts I create for the architecture on location and what I thought took place at its’ peak in life that most drew me in.

Miniatures, A Painting a Day for 31 days in the Month of May

Miniature 5 x 7-inch quick sketch oil paintings. Thirty-one different paintings from photographs I had taken with a goal to build skill and sales.

Landscape Painting

Further development of the paintings painted with a knife brings me on location, outside landscape painting, called Plein Air by the French. Smaller 9 x 12 or 12 x 16 paintings using a very large painting knife forces texture and simplification of form onto my painting panels. Developing my eye for natural color that can only be developed outside. Painting quickly to capture the light before it moves and changes shadows, color and form. A whole new artist easel set up with supplies made for carrying and painting. The Knife make painting much easier with swifter clean up than that of a brush, better suited or outside painting.

Three books from my learning

Plein Air Painting for Everyone
Painting Knife Explained
Tips for the Contemporary Painter

I wanted better books to help growing artist than what I had grown up with. My goal was to make them simple to understand with a powerful inspiring direction. Available on Amazon.

Daryl Urig’s National Workshop Tour

Self-marketing, developing curriculum and teaching on the road for two years. How to paint workshops spanning from East to West Coast. I enjoyed the travel, the new sights and meeting very nice people. Focusing on just art made me very welcoming to most art appreciators. In the back of my mind, I thought that new locations may inspire greater learning. I found instead that painting is very personal. It is more about our experience, not the location. So, wherever you are you can make art. Our thoughts can be, how does this affect us? What is going on in our head now? Our experience and past experiences all wrapped in one painting just where we are.

Finding Forrest Gump

It was a fun search for the location of the movie shootings in South Carolina of Forrest Gump. I visited my mother and helped her with her ever-growing garden and painted. Most of these paintings involved boats, seamen and low country marsh areas of Bluffton and surrounding areas plus Charleston South Carolina.

Going Big

Back in my studio in Cincinnati or in South Carolina I began painting larger scale painting with my painting knife, now a 6 inches long blade nearly double its previous size. No real definite theme just interested in magnifying a little painting into an enormous texture of moving and swirling paint on a larger scale. To accomplish this, I began with very small studies. The studies served as reference and direction for larger paintings.

Daryl Urig’s Creative Underground

Artist Interviews. Interested in hearing about other fine art painters’ ideas I began Interviewing prominent painters in person and over the Internet, publishing videos to my YouTube channel. My hopes were to gain greater clarity than was previously described by previous writers and interviewers. As an artist interviewed by another artist may help find and explain the real inspiration of what goes on in a painter’s mind when they paint. https://www.youtube.com/DarylUrig

Individual Perceptions

I had always thought about the difference between artwork and our perceived reality. You know the one we think we are all living in. But are we? The more I thought I realized it is all about individual perception. We do not all see or think the same. What was mine? This crossover between real and unreal painting seemed right to me.

Digging deeper, Pareidolia

This started numerous explorations on “stream of consciousness” painting. Painting with a large soft brush monochromatically. Painting, turning the canvas, making associations while adding more soft brush strokes, turning the canvas, painting what image may begin to appear, then see what another direction may bring. This continued as a random painting, images would begin to emerge from the canvas. The term is Pareidolia. A jacket on a chair could be interpreted as an animal. Or when driving my car, as I turn my head to see my blind spot before changing lanes, made the seat headrest appear as a person. At an early age, I would be told to take a nap on the couch in our living room. The coach had a flower painting above it. As I got groggy a man would begin to appear in the flowers. Recently I researched this, and it is called Pareidolia. It is when our mind assembles an image and relates it to something we already recognize. Funny, for the most part now I do not see these images appearing as much as they used to. It is like painting got rid of the fear of the unknown.

My Doodles? Cubism?

We cannot escape other painters influences that we greatly admire. There must be some reason why their artwork resonates with our spirit. Somehow their “breath of life” must have connected with ours through their painting. I have a few of these artists that I admire. As a child I first admired his work, it is Pablo Picasso. Some may try to spoil my fun with their knowledge of his not so perfect life. Who is perfect? I do the same for music. I like or do not like music. It is not about the person. I love the art form. Pablo for some reason inspires me. Occasionally I see the part of him that resonates with me show up in my painting. Hi Pablo.

More dormant thoughts

Yoga and Meditation, always with prayer opened my mind up for some other dormant thinking and images. Throughout my life, I would have this dream of flying over my neighborhood where I delivered papers. The meditation helped me to catch the ideas I usually would just naturally overlook and dismiss. The painting ended up in a six-page article with several other paintings of mine in the April/May 2018 International Artist Magazine. That was a nice honor and recognition that I appreciated very much.

Being in the Present

A yoga thought keeps my paintings developing in many new directions. I do not limit them to how they should look or dictate what they must become. Currently, I have explored a few images that came out of meditation. From the initial conception, I have a solid direction. This has helped me liberated my art even further. I have broken down the barriers of have-to’s and can let it flow.

Healing Power, 18 x 24 in.

Final note

Each of us can choose to add fresh ideas to the great legacy of Art that has been developed and handed down to us, with no strings attached. Painting may be the greatest documentary of the human soul known to man.

Mommy, Do you Love Me?(Scary Mommy)

Mommy, Do You Love Me? Oil on panel, 3 x 5 feet

This painting painted itself. It had a mind all it’s own. Title: ” Mommy, Do you love me?”. To all the women and little girls who were raised with an abusive mommy. All they ever wanted was a small amount of positive attention and assurance of their mothers love. The dark environment represents the eminent doom around them of unacceptance. The bright flowers are the child’s spirit reaching out in hope of love.

Since my original post, I have done a little more reading and see that this abuse can be called “Scary Mommy”.  This just breaks my heart.
My Mother struggled with and mentally abusive Mother. Life is hard enough and to be shackled with this too is a lot for anyone to overcome. My Mother is one of the strongest women I know. At age 90 she still can put the rest of us to shame. Go, Mom, never let anything stop you from becoming all you can be. I learn so much from you every day. Your loving son.
If you did not have to deal with this growing up be thankful. It is one more thing you can be thankful for today.
Her parents owned and operated a greenhouse. She still loves gardening to this day. Gardening with exuberance. She had a very loving father.